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Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual page 9

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The appliance must not be used in a
non-stationary location (e.g. on a ship).
Do not install the dishwasher in a
room where there is a risk of frost.
Frozen hoses may burst or split. The
reliability of the electronic control unit
may be impaired at temperatures below
freezing point.
The plastic housing of the water
connection contains an electrical
component. The housing must not be
submerged in water.
There are electrical wires in the
water inlet hose. Never cut the water
inlet hose, even if it is too long.
The integrated Waterproof System
offers protection from water damage,
provided the following conditions are
– The dishwasher is correctly installed
and plumbed in.
– The dishwasher is properly
maintained and parts are replaced
where it can be seen that this is
– The stopcock has been turned off
when the appliance is not used for a
longer period of time (e.g. during
The Waterproof system will work even if
the appliance is switched off. However,
the appliance must remain connected
to the electricity supply.
Warning and Safety instructions
A damaged appliance could be
dangerous. If the dishwasher gets
damaged, switch it off at the mains and
call your Miele Dealer or the Miele Ser-
vice Department.
Unauthorised repairs could result in
unforeseen dangers for the user, for
which Miele cannot accept liability.
Repairs should only be undertaken by a
Miele approved service technician.
Faulty components must only be
replaced by genuine Miele original
spare parts. Only when these parts are
fitted can the safety standards of the
appliance be guaranteed.
Always disconnect the dishwasher
from the electrical supply for
maintenance work (switch off at the wall
socket and remove the plug).
If the connection cable is damaged
it must be replaced with a special cable
available from Miele. For safety reasons
this must only be fitted by the Miele
Service Department or a Miele
authorised service technician.
In areas which may be subject to
infestation by cockroaches or other
vermin, pay particular attention to
keeping the appliance and its
surroundings in a clean condition at all
times. Any damage which may be
caused by cockroaches or other vermin
will not be covered by the guarantee.



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