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Operation; Detergent - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Only use detergents formulated
for domestic dishwashers. Do not
use washing-up liquid.
Active ingredients
Modern detergents contain various
active ingredients, the most important
of which are:
– Phosphates to prevent calcification.
– Alkalis to aid removal of dried on
– Enzymes to break down starch and
loosen protein.
– Oxygen based bleaching agents to
remove coloured stains (e.g. tea,
coffee, tomato sauce).
Most dishwasher detergents contain
phosphates and are mildly alkaline with
enzymes and oxygen based bleaching
agents. Phosphate free products are
Types of detergent:
– Powder and liquid gel detergents.
These detergents allow you to adjust
the amount dispensed according to
the amount of load and level of
– Tab detergents. These are suitable
for most levels of soiling.
You can also buy combination
products. In addition to detergent,
these products contain rinse aid and
salt substitutes. They are available as
"3 in 1" or when they also contain other
components such as glass and
stainless steel protective additives and
enhanced cleaning power, as "5 in 1",
"7 in 1" , "All in 1", etc.
Refer to the manufacturer's packaging
as to whether combination products are
suitable for the water hardness level in
your area.
Please note that the cleaning and
drying results of combination
detergents can vary greatly.
For optimum cleaning and drying
results, use Miele dishwasher
detergent and add Miele salt and
Miele rinse aid separately. See
"Optional accessories".
^ Follow the dosage recommended by
the manufacturer on the packaging.
^ Unless directed otherwise, use one
detergent tab or add 20 to 30 ml
detergent to compartment II,
depending on the level of soiling.
With very heavy soiling you can also
add a small amount of detergent to
compartment l (see "Programme
^ Tabs may not dissolve completely
when the Quick wash 40°C
programme is used.
Failure to dispense the
recommended amount of detergent
may impair cleaning results.





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