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Drainage - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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– The appliance drainage system is
fitted with a non-return valve, which
prevents dirty water from flowing
back into the dishwasher via the
drain hose.
– The dishwasher is supplied with
approx. 1.5 m of flexible drain hose
with an internal diameter of 22 mm.
– The drain hose can be extended
using a connection piece to attach a
further length of hose.
The drainage length must not be
longer than 4 m, and the delivery
head must not exceed 1 m.
– If the hose is to be directly fitted to
the drainage outlet on site, use the
hose clip supplied (see installation
– The hose can be directed to the left
or the right of the appliance.
– The on-site connector for the drain
hose can be adapted to different
widths of hose. If the connector
protrudes too far into the drain hose,
it will need to be shortened.
Otherwise the drain hose may
become blocked.
– The drain hose must not be
Make sure that there are no
kinks in the hose, and that it is not
squashed or stretched.
After connecting the dishwasher to
the drainage system, check that all
plumbing connections are
Venting the drainage system
If the on-site drain connection is
situated lower than the guide path for
the bottom basket rollers in the open
door, the drainage system must be
vented. Otherwise a siphoning effect
during a programme can cause the
appliance to empty itself of water.
To vent it:
^ Open the dishwasher door fully.
^ Pull the lower spray arm firmly
upwards to remove it.
^ Cut off the top of the vent valve in the
wash cabinet.



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