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Loading The Dishwasher - Miele 09 276 830 Operating Instructions Manual

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Loading the dishwasher

Remove coarse food residues from
There is no need to rinse items under
running water.
Do not wash items soiled with
ash, sand, wax, lubricating grease
or paint in the dishwasher.
These substances will damage the
Crockery can be loaded anywhere in
the baskets, but the following notes
should be observed:
– Do not place crockery and cutlery
inside other pieces where they may
be concealed.
– Load the crockery so that water can
access all surfaces. This ensures
that they get properly cleaned.
– Make sure that all items are securely
– Hollow items such as cups, glasses,
pans, etc. must be inverted in the
– Tall, narrow, hollow items, e.g.
champagne glasses, should be
placed in the centre of the basket to
ensure better water coverage.
– Wide based items should be placed
at an angle so that water can run off
them freely.
– The spray arms must not be blocked
by items which are too tall or hang
through the baskets.
If in doubt, test for free movement by
manually rotating the spray arms.
– Make sure that small items cannot
fall through the holders in the
baskets. Small items, e.g. lids,
should therefore be placed in the
cutlery tray or cutlery basket
(depending on model).
Some foodstuffs may contain natural
dyes, e.g. carrots, tomatoes or
ketchup. Plastic items in the
dishwasher may discolour if large
quantities of these foodstuffs find
their way into the appliance on the
crockery. The stability of plastic
items is not affected by this



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