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IP Routing Features
Configuring IP Parameters for Routing Switches
You can set or display the arp-age value using the menu interface (Menu >
Switch Configuration > IP Config).
===========================- TELNET - MANAGER MODE ======================
IP Routing : Disabled
Default Gateway :
Default TTL
Arp Age
IP Config [Manual] : Manual
IP Address
Subnet Mask :
Figure 7-6. Example of the Menu Interface Displaying the Arp Age Value
If the ARP cache should become full because entries are not cleared (due to
increased timeout limits) you can use the clear arp command to remove all
non-permanent entries in the ARP cache.
To remove a specific entry in the ARP cache, enter this command:
Syntax: [no] arp IP-ADDRESS

Enabling Proxy ARP

Proxy ARP allows a routing switch to answer ARP requests from devices on
one network on behalf of devices in another network. Since ARP requests are
MAC-layer broadcasts, they reach only the devices that are directly connected
to the sender of the ARP request. Thus, ARP requests do not cross routers.
For example, if Proxy ARP is enabled on a routing switch connected to two
sub-nets, and, the routing switch can respond to an
ARP request from for the MAC address of the device with IP
address In standard ARP, a request from a device in the sub-net cannot reach a device in the sub-net if the sub-
nets are on different network cables, and thus is not answered.
Switch Configuration - Internet (IP) Service
: 64
: 1000
Allows removal of any dynamic entry in the ARP cache.


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