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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenmore 17761 Use & Care Manual

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is not operating
Dishwasher does not
run or stops during
a cycle
Door not closed
Wrong cycle selected
No or improper power supplied
to dishwasher
Motor stopped due to overload
No water supplied to
Make sure door is closed and securely latched.
Refer to the "Cycles" section, page 14.
Check to see if household fuse or circuit breaker is
blown or tripped.
Motor will automatically reset itself within a few minutes.
If it does not restart, call for service.
Check to see if shut-off valve (if installed) is turned on.
Overfill protector stuck
Check to see if the overfill protector moves up and down
not fill
freely. Press down to release.
Dishwasher seems
to run too long
Water supplied to dish-washer
is not hot enough
It is normal for the dishwasher to run longer while heating
water. Refer to the "Water temperature tips" section,
page 13.
• A delay will occur in the main wash if the Water Heat
option is selected.
• Three delays will occur if the Pots & Pans cycle is
• The final rinse wilt automatically
delay until the water
temperature reaches proper cycle temperature.
Water remains
Cycle not finished
Wait for the cycle to complete.
in dishwasher
remains in
Cycle not finished
Wait for the cycle to complete.
covered section of
Detergent has lumps
Replace with dry, lump-free detergent.
Bottom rack in backwards
Refer to the "Parts and Features" section, page 3 and
reinstall rack if necessary.
White residue
Too much detergent
Refer to the "Using the detergent dispenser" section,
pears on front
was used
page 12.
of access panel
Brand of detergent
Try a different brand to reduce foaming and eliminate
developing excess foam
Odor in the
Dishes only washed every
Run a Quick Rinse cycle at least once or twice a day
2-3 days
until full load is accumulated.
Plastic smell of new dishwasher
Run a vinegar rinse, as described on the next page.
Dishes are not cleaned
Food soil left
Improper loading
on dishes
Water temperature is too low
Use of incorrect, too little,
or ineffective detergent
Refer to the "Loading Your Dishwasher" section,
pages 9-11.
Use the Water Heat option. If needed, turn home water
heater up to ensure water entering dishwasher is 120°F
(49°C) minimum. Refer to the "Water temperature tips"
section, page 13.
Use recommended
dishwasher detergents only. Refer
to the "Using the detergent dispenser" section, page 12.
Never use less than one tablespoon per load. Detergent
must be fresh to be effective. Always store detergent in
a cool, dry area.



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