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While The Dishwasher Is Running; When The Cycle Is Finished - Kenmore 17761 Use & Care Manual

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You can draw water from the faucet while the dishwasher
is connected.
Do not draw water while the dishwasher is
filling or while water is being pumped out. (This helps
prevent a low fill when dishwasher is filling or mixing drain
water with fresh water when dishwasher is draining.)
Press the red button on the hose connector to draw
water from faucet. (The faucet is set on hot. Adjust
faucet for the water temperature you want.)
NOTE." Turn hot water back on after you draw water
from faucet. Turn off cold water.
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1. Turn hot water off. (This can be done after the last
2. Press the red button on the connector to release the
water pressure.
3. Lift slightly on the hose connector
while pulling down
the locking collar. Pull down on the connector.
4. Empty any remaining water from the connector
by turn-
ing the connector upside-down.
5. Unplug power supply cord and return to storage
6. Return hoses to storage compartment.
Red bu_on
Locking collar



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