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Loading Your Dishwasher; Preparing To Load Your Dishwasher; Loading The Top Rack - Kenmore 17761 Use & Care Manual

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• Load correctly for best washing results. Incorrect load-
ing may cause poor washing and the need to rewash all
or part of the load.
• Wash full loads. Running a half-filled dishwasher uses
the same amount of electricity and hot water as a fully
loaded machine.
• To save water and energy, do not rinse dishes before
putting them into the dishwasher.
• Remove large pieces of food, fruit pits, bones, and
other hard items. The ULTRA WASH* module will
remove food particles from the water. The module con-
tains a chopping device which will reduce the size of
food items.
NOTE: If hard items such as fruit seeds, nuts, and egg
shells enter the ULTRA WASH module, you might hear
chopping, grinding, crunching, or buzzing sounds.
Those sounds are normal when hard items enter the
module. Do not let metallic items (such as pot handle
screws) get into the ULTRA WASH module. They could
damage the ULTRA WASH module.
• Foods like eggs, rice, pasta, spinach, and cooked cere-
als may be hard to remove if they are left to dry over a
period of time. Run a Quick Rinse cycle to keep dishes
moist if you do not plan to wash them soon.
• Load dishes so soiled surfaces face the rotating
spray arms.
• Load dishes so they are not stacked or overlapping,
possible. It is important for the water spray to reach all
soiled surfaces for best washing. For best drying, water
must be able to drain from all surfaces.
The top rack is designed for cups, glasses, and smaller
items. (See recommended
loading patterns below.)
NOTE: The features on your dishwasher rack may vary
from the drawings below.
Do not
cover third
level wash
10 place setting
12 place setting
• Place items so open ends face down for cleaning and
• Load glasses in top rack only - bottom rack is not
designed for glasses. Damage may occur.
• Place cups and glasses in the rows between prongs.
Placing them over the prongs can lead to breakage.
• Secure lightweight
• China, crystal, and other delicate items must not touch
each other during dishwasher operation. Damage
may occur.
• Load plastic items in the top rack only. Only plastic
items marked "dishwasher
safe" are recommended.
• Load plastic items so the force of the spray does not
move them during the cycle.
• To avoid chipping, do not let stemware touch other
• Small bowls, pans, and other utensils can be placed in
the top rack.
• Load items so they do not cover third level wash tower.



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