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Using The Rinse Agent Dispenser; Water Temperature Tips - Kenmore 17761 Use & Care Manual

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A rinseagentgreatly improves dishdryingandhelpspre-
ventspotsor streaks. T herinseagenthelpswaterflowoff
dishes andkeeps waterfromformingdroplets. A small
amount o f rinseagentautomatically releases i ntothefinal
Keepthe rinse
agent dispenser
filled with a liquid
rinse agent, For best drying results, periodically check
the dispenser as follows to see if it needs filling:
• Check center of rinse aid indicator cap Iml Clear
means it needs filling.
• Remove rinse aid indicator cap. An "E" is visible at the
bottom of the dispenser when empty I_.
To fill dispenser:
1. Open dishwasher door completely.
2. Remove rinse aid indicator cap.
3. Add rinse agent I_
Fill only to smallest opening in
lower part of dispenser. Overfilling may cause rinse
agent to leak out. This will not harm the dishwasher,
but could cause oversudsing.
4. Clean up any spilled rinse agent with a damp cloth.
5. Replace rinse aid indicator cap. Keep it closed tightly.
• Your dishwasher
is designed to use a liquid rinse agent.
Do not use a solid or bar-type rinse agent.
• The rinse agent dispenser holds 6 ounces (175 mL).
Under normal conditions,
this lasts about 3 months.
• You do not have to wait until the dispenser is empty
before refilling, but do not overfill it.
Hot water dissolves and activates the dishwashing
gent. Hot water also dissolves grease on dishes and
helps dry glasses spot-free. For best dishwashing
water must be at least 120°F (49°C) as it enters the dish-
washer. Loads may not wash as well if the water temper-
ature is too low.
NOTE: Use the Water Heat option on your dishwasher
you keep your water heater at a low setting. For more
information, see "Dishwasher seems to run too long" in
the "Troubleshooting
Guide" section.
To check water temperature:
1. Run hot water at the faucet closest to your dishwasher
for at least 1 minute.
2. Measure the water temperature with a candy or meat
placed in the running stream of water I_.
3. If the water temperature at the faucet is below 120°F
(49°C), have a qualified person raise the water heater's



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