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Starting Your Dishwasher For Everyday Loads - Kenmore 17761 Use & Care Manual

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Here is an overview for loading and running your dish-
washer. Refer to the noted pages for more details of
each step.
1. The ULTRA WASH* Soil Removal System is designed
to remove food particles from the wash and rinse
water. Remove only large chunks of food and bones
from your dishes.
2. Properly load the dishwasher I1_ Make sure nothing
prevents the spray arms from spinning freely [].
page 11.
3. Add detergent []
and check the rinse agent dispenser.
Add rinse agent if needed [].
See pages 12 and 13.
4. Push door firmly closed. The door latches auto-
matically. Run hot water at the sink where you will
connect dishwasher
until water is hot II1
Turn off
water and hook dishwasher to faucet [].
page 6-7. Turn on hot water.
5. Press the desired Cycle and Options selections 11"41.
See pages 14-16. Turn the Timer knob to the desired
cycle to start Iml.
NOTE: If the door is latched, you will hear the cycles
start and stop as the Timer knob passes each cycle
mark. This is normal and does not hurt the dishwasher.
If you prefer, you can set the Timer knob with the door



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