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Loading The Bottom Rack; Loading The Silverware Basket; Quiet Operating Tips - Kenmore 17761 Use & Care Manual

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Items with cooked-on or dried-on food should be loaded
in the bottom rack, with soiled surfaces facing inward to
the spray. (See recommended
loading patterns below.)
NOTE: The features on your dishwasher rack may vary
from the drawings below.
Do not
10 place setting
12 place setting
• Do not load glasses, cups, or plastic items in the
bottom rack.
• Load plates, soup bowls, etc., between prongs and fac-
ing inward to the spray.
• Overlap edges of plates for large loads.
• Secure heavily soiled cookware face down in the rack.
• Load items so they do not block or cover the spray
• Make sure pot handles and other items do not stop
rotation of the upper or lower spray arm. The spray
arms must move freely.
• Load the silverware basket while it is in the bottom rack
or take the basket out for loading on a counter or table.
NOTE: You can remove the basket for easy unloading.
Always unload or remove the basket before unloading
the racks to avoid spilling water droplets on the
• Mix items in each section of the basket with some
pointing up and some down to avoid nesting. Spray
cannot reach nested items.
IMPORTANT: Always load sharp items (knives,
skewers, forks, etc.) pointing down.
To avoid thumping/clattering
noises during operation:
• Make sure lightweight
load items are secured in
the racks.
• Make sure pot lids and handles, pizza pans, cookie
sheets, etc., do not touch interior walls or interfere with
the spray arm's rotation.
• Load dishes so they do not touch one another.



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