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Korg microSAMPLER Owner's Manual: Setting The Tempo; Recording A Sample

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Listening to the sound from the AUDIO IN jacks
The right-most key will act as a gate switch for the audio signal being input
from the AUDIO IN jacks. You'll hear the input sound only while you con-
tinue holding down this key.
Press the [SAMPLE] button to select Sample mode.
This function is not available in Keyboard mode.
Press the right-most key.
If you hold down the [LOOP HOLD] button and press the last key, the
input sound will continue to be heard even after you release the key.

2. Setting the tempo

You can specify the tempo either by using the Tap Tempo function (☞p.18
"Using the Tap Tempo function") or by setting the Tempo parameter (☞p.22
This tempo is stored as the original tempo (☞p.31 "ORIG BPM (Original
BPM)") of the sample that we're going to sample.
Using the Tap Tempo function
You can specify the tempo by pressing a button at regular intervals in time
with the beat. The tempo will change when you've pressed the button twice.
For greater accuracy, it's best to press the button several times.
Press the [TAP TEMPO] button two or more times. The interval at which
you pressed the button will be detected, and shown in the display as the
While the tempo is shown, you can adjust the tempo by turning the

3. Recording a sample

Now that you've finished making preparations, let's record a sample that
we'll play using "one-shot" playback.
Use the [SAMPLING TYPE] switch to select "ONE SHOT."
Select either Keyboard mode or Sample mode.
Press the [SAMPLING] button.
The "SAMPLING" button will blink green, and you'll be in sampling-
setup mode. If you're in Keyboard mode, switch to Sampling mode.
At this time, you'll be able to hear the audio input for monitoring. The
volume will depend on the sampling parameter LEVEL.
Press a key to specify the key to which the sample data will be assigned.
The key LED of the key you pressed will blink. This key will be the cur-
rent sample.
What is the "current sample"?
The "current sample" refers to the key to which your sampling operations
will apply. This will be the key that you pressed most recently in Sample
mode (the key LED will blink).
When you turn on the power, the C4 key is selected as the current sample.


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