Applying Grease (-[]3[], []5[] Specifications); When Using The Operation Panel - Brother S-7200B Service Manual

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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8. APPLYING GREASE (-[]3[], []5[] specifications)

8-1. When using the operation panel

If "GrEASEUP" flashes on the main display (1) and a buzzer sounds when the power switch is turned on, it means that grease
needs to be applied. (The sewing machine will not operate at this time, even if the treadle is depressed.)
Apply grease as required, while referring to the following for details.
<To continue sewing without applying grease>
1. Press the RESET key (2).
2. The main display (1) will change to stitch number display mode, and sewing will be possible when the treadle is depressed.
(The power indicator (3) will keep flashing.)
・ If you do not apply grease when the "GrEASEUP" notification appears, the notification will continue to appear and the
power indicator (3) will flash each time the power is turned on until you reset the notification by carrying out the
procedure on the following page.
・ If you continue to use the sewing machine after the "GrEASEUP" notification appears without applying grease (or
without carrying out the reset procedure), "Err100" will appear after a certain period of time and the sewing machine will
be forcibly prevented from operating for safety reasons.
If this happens, apply grease and carry out the reset procedure.
* If you continue to use the sewing machine after carrying out the reset procedure but without applying grease,
problems with the sewing machine may result.
<Applying grease>
Use Brother-specified <GREASE (SA7300-001)>.
Using the tube
8. APPLYING GREASE (-[]3[], []5[] specifications)

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