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Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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Approx. 1mm
Approx. 3mm
< Timing belt installation >
1. Place the timing belt (4) onto timing pulley U (13).
2. Secure the motor (11) with the three screws (10).
Insert the motor (11) so that the upper set screws (8)
on the joint (7) are facing toward the front and also so
that the notch (b) on the motor shaft (14) is facing
toward the front.
3. Tighten the two set screws (8) at the left side of the joint
(7) starting from the one at the top.
Check that the notch (c) on the motor is in the position
shown in the illustration and that the upper set screws
(8) on the joint (7) is facing toward the front at this
4. Secure the motor cover (3) with the three screws (2).
5. Raise the thread take-up to its highest position, turn the
machine pulley (5) so that the reference line (d) is aligned
with the mark (e) on the motor cover (3) as shown in the
illustration, and then secure the machine pulley (5) by
tightening the three screws (9).
Tighten the three screws (9) so that they are in the
middle of the screw holes. (The reference line (d) and
the mark (e) may move out of alignment when
tightening the screws, but this is not a problem.)
6. Adjust the positions of the machine pulley (5) and timing
pulley D (6) as follows.
1) Tilt back the machine head.
2) Turn timing pulley D (6) forward to lower the feed dog
(15) until it is at the same height as the needle plate
3) Turn the machine pulley (5) forward to adjust so that
the tip of the needle is at the following position.
So that there is a clearance of approximately 3
mm between the point of the needle and the
top of the needle plate (16)
7. Place the timing belt (4) onto timing pulley D (6).
Check that the timing belt (4) is placed on the back
position of the tension pulley (17).
8. Turn the machine pulley (5) forward until the timing belt (4)
is set securely.
9. Return the machine head to its original position.
10. Install the side plate (1).
After the timing belt has been installed, be sure to
then carry out the steps in <Timing belt installation
check> (refer to the next page).
< Motor installation >
Carry out steps 2 to 5 and step 10 of <Timing belt
So that the point of the needle is
approximately 1 mm below the needle
plate (16)

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