Brother S-7200B Service Manual page 54

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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8. APPLYING GREASE (-[]3[], []5[] specifications)
<-[]3[]・[]5[] specifications >
Turn the
machine pulley
to lower the
needle bar until
the hole is
<To continue sewing without applying grease>
After the grease has been applied, carry out the following procedure to reset the grease consumption amount.
1. Set DIP switch -3 inside the control box to OFF.
(This will cancel the lock so that the functions can be set.)
2. While pressing the end backtack key (4), press the power switch to turn on the power.
3. Press the start backtack key (3) so that "G" is displayed in the top row of the stitch number display.
4. Press the end backtack key (4) to set the value in the bottom row of the stitch number display to "1".
5. Then, press and hold the end backtack key (4) for 5 seconds or more.
(The display will turn off.)
6. After this, "Gr" will flash and the reset operation will be complete.
7. After the reset operation is complete, set DIP switch -3 to ON. (The settings will be locked.)
Marked red
<-[]5[]specifications >
1. Turn the power switch to "OFF".
2. Remove the screws and the set screws.
3. Apply grease to each of the holes until the grease
overflows slightly.
4. Tighten the screws and the set screws in order to push
the grease in.
5. Turn the machine pulley by hand to move the needle bar
up and down several times in order to disperse the
6. Use a cloth to wipe away any excess grease from around
the screws and set screws and from underneath needle
bar bush D.
7. Carry out the reset procedure given below.

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