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Rotary Hook Rp - Brother S-7200B Service Manual

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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7-4. Rotary hook RP

If replacing the standard rotary hook with a rotary hook RP (lubrication-free rotary hook) on sub-class -40[] or -43[] machines,
use the following parts.
S52936-001 (ROTARY HOOK, W/BOX)
S35786-001 (SCREW, CAP)
NOTE: When using the rotary hook RP (lubrication-free rotary hook), set the sewing speed to 4,000 rpm or less.
1. Remove the needle and the presser foot.
2. Remove the needle plate (1) and the feed dog (2).
3. Remove the rotary hook.
4. Replace the screw (3).
Tighten the screw (3) securely.
5. Install the rotary hook RP(4) and the needle.
After installing the rotary hook RP, adjust the needle and
rotary hook timing. (Refer to page 31.)
6. Install the feed dog (2).
7. Install the needle plate (1).
Adjust the installation position of the feed dog (2) so that it
is in the middle of the needle plate (1) groove.
8. Install the presser foot.
<Adjusting the adjusting screw>
Tighten the adjusting screw (5) as far as it will go, and then
turn it back the other way about three full turns.
(At this time, the head (A) of the adjusting screw (5) should
be almost flush with the edge (B) of the bed.)
NOTE: If the sewing machine is used while the adjusting
screw (5) is in the fully-tightened position, it will
cause oil to leak out through the gap between the
rotary hook shaft (6)and the bracket (7).

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