Replacing Parts; Fixed Knife; Movable Knife - Brother S-7200B Service Manual

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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Replacement of parts should only be carried out by a
qualified technician.
Use only the proper replacement parts as specified
by Brother.
Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power
cord before replacing any parts.
The machine may operate if the treadle is depressed
by mistake, which could result in injury.

7-1. Fixed knife

7-2. Movable knife

Use both hands to hold the machine head when
tilting it back or returning it to its original position. If
only one hand is used, the weight of the machine
head may cause your hand to slip, and your hand
may get caught.
Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves when
handling the lubricating oil and grease, so that they
do not get into your eyes or onto your skin, otherwise
inflammation can result.
Furthermore, do not drink the oil or eat the grease
under any circumstances, as they can cause
vomiting and diarrhea.
Keep the oil out of the reach of children.
1. Tilt back the machine head.
2. Remove the screw (1), and then remove the rotary hook
stopper (2).
3. Remove the screw (3), and then remove the fixed knife
* Carry out the above steps in reverse to install the fixed
knife (4).
Sharpening the fixed knife
If the cutting performance deteriorates, sharpen the fixed
knife (4) on a whetstone (5) as shown in the illustration.
1. Remove the needle.
2. Lift up the presser foot using the lifting lever.
3. Remove the two screws (1), and then remove the needle
plate (2).
4. Turn the machine pulley to raise the needle bar to its
highest position.
5. Tilt back the machine head.
6. Push the thread trimmer connecting rod (3) in the
direction of the arrow until the two screws (4) can be
7. Remove the two screws (4), and then remove the
movable knife (5).
* Carry out the above steps in reverse to install the
movable knife (5).

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents