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Queue Creation For Color Measurement; Alternative Grace Period Licensing - Xerox FreeFlow Manual

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Color 800/1000 Press and Xerox
150 Press

Queue Creation for Color Measurement

The Color Management SDK is a licensed feature. If a valid Color Management SDK license is detected,
then FreeFlow Print Server creates a new hostname_MEASUREMENT queue with appropriate settings
for color measurement. To prevent unintended modifications to the queue settings, which may
invalidate the color measurement data, the queue is locked. The system administrator must manually
unlock the queue to modify the queue settings.
The queue will only be created if it doesn't already exist. Thus if the queue has been modified, the
modifications will not be lost.
If the license is not valid, any jobs submitted to this queue will fault.

Alternative Grace Period Licensing

Grace Period Licensing enables a basic set of FreeFlow Print Server features through License Manager
to work for a specific period of time (grace period) prior to the installation of the customer-specific
system and feature Licenses. The grace period ensures sufficient time for obtaining long term licenses
once a system reaches the customer site.
During the grace period, all of the selected features are enabled for full use. The features shown as
invalid and disabled are not supported for the grace period.
While operating a system under a grace period, a message states how many days are left in the period.
The user can use the License Manager window to view what features have been activated. The grace
period decrements by one day for each day the system is active. Days when the system is inactive are
not counted against the grace period time limit. Partial days are counted as whole days.
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