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Hot Swapping Switch Modules; Adding Or Replacing Modules; Changing The Module Type - HP ProCurve 4000M Installation Manual

Hp procurve 4000m: install guide
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Hot Swapping Switch Modules

The switch modules can be "hot swapped", that is installed or replaced while
the switch is powered on. The procedures differ slightly, though between
adding new modules to an empty slot or replacing modules with the same type,
and exchanging the module with a different type.

Adding or Replacing Modules

If a module has to be replaced with one of the same type, or you are expanding
the switch capability by adding a module in a slot where one was not previ-
ously installed, the replaced or new module is immediately operational; there
is no interruption to the switch operation.

Changing the Module Type

If you exchange a module with one of a different type though, for example a
Gigabit-SX module is installed in place of a 100Base-FX module that was in
the slot, the switch must be rebooted after the new module is installed so the
switch processor can properly initialize and configure the new module type.
You can reboot the switch by any of these methods:
select the Reset or Reboot option from the console, web browser inter-
face, or HP TopTools for Hubs & Switches
press the Reset button on the switch
unplug and plug in the power cord (power cycle)
Until the switch is rebooted, the module will not operate, the Module Status
LED will continue to flash, and all the LEDs on the module will stay on
Installing the Switch 4000M and 8000M
Hot Swapping Switch Modules



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