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Optional) Install Second Power Supply - HP ProCurve 4000M Installation Manual

Hp procurve 4000m: install guide
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Installing the Switch 4000M and 8000M
Installation Procedures

3. (Optional) Install Second Power Supply

A second, load-sharing redundant power supply (HP ProCurve Switch 4000M/
8000M Power Supply, HP J4119A) can be installed in the back of the switch.
To provide true redundancy, this second power supply should be connected
to a different AC power source from the other supply. Then, if one AC power
source fails, the switch will continue to run. Each supply provides enough
power to operate a fully loaded switch, so even if one fails, the switch will
continue to operate normally.
Install the second power supply into power slot number 2 as shown in the
illustration on the next page.
The slot cover can be removed with either a flat-bladed or Torx T-10 screw-
driver. Retain the slot cover for future use.
C a u t i o n
The switch power supplies are hot swappable; they
can be installed while the switch is receiving power
from the supply in the other slot. But, as indicated
by the caution statement on the power supply, the
supply must not be connected to AC power
before being installed.
For installation details, see the instructions in the manual that comes with the
power supply.



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