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Simultaneous Network Communications; Effect Of Vlans - HP ProCurve 4000M Installation Manual

Hp procurve 4000m: install guide
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Introducing the HP ProCurve Switch 4000M and 8000M
Switch Operation Overview
Network Moves and Changes. When devices are moved in the network,
and become connected to a different switch port, the Switch 4000M and 8000M
automatically recognizes the change and updates the address table with the
new port location of the device. Communication with the device is automati-
cally maintained, without any address table manipulation being required.

Simultaneous Network Communications

In addition to traffic isolation benefits provided by the Switch 4000M and
8000M address table operation, the switch also enhances network perfor-
mance because it can conduct multiple, simultaneous network connections.
Instead of sharing the network bandwidth, as in connections to a hub, each
connection has its own 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1000 Mbps bandwidth to use.

Effect of VLANs

If you configure multiple virtual LANs (VLANs) on the switch, each VLAN
behaves as a "logical switch" containing the switch ports that you assign to it.
Each logical switch behaves as an isolated broadcast domain, just as if it were
a separate physical switch. The forward, filter, and flood behavior described
for the physical switch above, operates the same for each of the logical
switches defined by the VLANs: packets are forwarded or flooded only to the
ports that are within a given VLAN. Just as for separate physical switches,
there is no communication between ports that are in separate VLANs unless
the VLANs are connected by an external router.
For more information on configuring VLANs and their behavior, see the HP
ProCurve Switch 8000M and 1600M Management and Configuration Guide
that came with your switch.



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