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Hardware Diagnostic Tests; Testing The Switch By Resetting It; Checking The Switch Leds; Checking Console Messages - HP ProCurve 4000M Installation Manual

Hp procurve 4000m: install guide
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Hardware Diagnostic Tests

Hardware Diagnostic Tests

Testing the Switch by Resetting It

If you believe that the switch is not operating correctly, you can reset the
switch to test its circuitry and operating code. To reset a switch, either:
Power cycling the switch and pressing the Reset button both cause the switch
to perform its power-on self-test, which almost always will resolve any tempo-
rary operational problems. These reset processes also cause any network
traffic counters to be reset to zero, and cause the System Up Time timer to
reset to zero. None of the reset procedures cause any changes to the switch

Checking the Switch LEDs

The self-test passes if the Fault and Self Test LEDs on the front of the switch
go off after approximately 30 to 70 seconds depending on the number and type
of modules installed in the switch. If these LEDs stay on longer than 80 seconds
or begin flashing, the switch may have to be replaced.
See "Diagnosing With the LEDs" on page 3-4 for information on interpreting
the LED patterns.

Checking Console Messages

Useful diagnostic messages may be displayed on the console screen when the
switch is reset. As described in chapter 2 under step 8, "Connect a Console to
the Switch", connect a PC running a VT-100 terminal emulator program or a
standard VT-100 terminal to the switch's Console Port and configure it to run
at 9600 baud, and with the other terminal communication settings shown on
page 2-15. Then, when you reset the switch, note the messages that are
Unplug and plug in the power cord (power cycling)
Press the Reset button on the front of the switch



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