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Dell 2200 User Manual: Formatting Media; Using Removable Media; Table 3-4. Drive Status Items

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Reboot your server and execute the server.exe file.
NetWare should start up at this point.
Enter your file server name and internal IPX

Formatting Media

NetWare's install.nlm program lets you optionally format a
hard-disk drive for use with NetWare. If you are using SCSI
drives, it allows you to low-level format several SCSI drives
simultaneously. The NetWare format procedure is not the
same as using fdisk or format under MS-DOS.
CAUTION: You should not use NetWare to format
a hard-disk drive that contains partitions for other
operating systems, because that information may
be destroyed.
NOTE: When you select a hard-disk drive to format, the
Install program prompts you to enter an interleave value
from 1 to 9. You may also enter an interleave value of 0
(zero). When formatting SCSI hard-disk drives or remov-
able drives on the Adaptec 78xx host adapter SCSI bus,
Dell recommends that you use an interleave value of 0.
This 0 interleave value instructs the hard-disk drive to
use its optimal interleave value. This option was unavail-
able in NetWare 3.0.

Using Removable Media

The aic7870.dsk driver module fully supports remov-
able-media disk drives, including magneto-optical drives.
Removable media is treated as a standard SCSI hard-disk
drive, with some exceptions:
The driver only recognizes and registers media with
512 bytes/sector.
NetWare allows you to mount or dismount the media
and lock or unlock the media.
These removable media options are supported by Net-
Ware's monitor.nlm program.
Follow these steps to set up the removable media:
Load monitor.nlm to display the various options.
Select Disk Information. All system hard-disk
drives appear.
Dell PowerEdge 2200 Systems User's Guide
Select the removable-media device. Drive status
items appear as shown in Table 3-4.

Table 3-4. Drive Status Items

Menu Options
Volume Segments on Drive
Read After Write Verify
Drive Light Status
Driver Operating Status
Removable Drive Mount
Removable Drive Lock Status
Valid for both removable and nonremovable types
of SCSI drives.
Valid for removable media only.
Mount Status
Mounting causes a drive to come online as a NetWare
storage device. Dismounted drives are inactive and can-
not be accessed.
Before you eject your current media, you should first dis-
mount it by selecting the Removable Drive Mount Status
option. Once the media status is dismounted, you can
eject the media. However, NetWare does not allow you to
dismount media that is locked.
To insert your new media, wait for the drive to spin up, and
then select the Removable Drive Mount Status option.
Lock Status
If your removable-media device supports the lock/unlock
feature, you can lock the media by selecting the Remov-
able Drive Lock Status option. The media must be in the
Not Locked state before you can eject it.
Verify Status
The Read After Write Verify option is set to Hardware
Level by default. This option cannot be specified in the
startup.ncf or autoexec.ncf file. However, the default
Default Value
(select for list)
Not supported
Not Locked



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