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Dell 2200 User Manual: Making Selections In The Eisa Configuration Utility; Using Online Instructions; Starting The Eisa Configuration Utility

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Making Selections in the EISA Configu-
ration Utility
The EISA Configuration Utility uses menus to guide you
through the configuration process. The menus and their
options are accessed through keyboard commands.
To make a menu selection, use the up- or down-arrow key
to highlight the desired option, and then press <Enter>. In
the Help menu or Advanced menu, you can also select an
option by pressing the key that corresponds to the high-
lighted letter in the selection list.
To scroll up or down a screen, press the <Page Up> or
<Page Down> key, respectively.

Using Online Instructions

The EISA Configuration Utility has online instructions
for each of its procedures. If you need help at any time,
press <F1> to see a help screen that offers more details
about the task you are doing.
tarting the EISA Configuration
NOTES: Your system's default hardware configuration
allows updating of the EISA configuration information.
However, if the EISA jumper on the system board is
installed, the EISA configuration information cannot be
updated until the jumper plug is removed.
If you have reason to think the EISA jumper setting has
been changed, check the jumper before attempting to
make an EISA configuration change. For instructions on
removing and replacing the computer cover, see "Remov-
ing the Computer Cover" and "Replacing the Computer
Cover" in Chapter 6. For information on the EISA
jumper location and settings, see Figure B-1 and
Table B-1, respectively, in Appendix B, "Hardware Configu-
ration Features."
If you are running the EISA Configuration Utility from
your hard-disk drive, remove any TSR programs from
memory before starting the utility. These programs take
up space in system memory even when they are not run-
ning, thus reducing the amount of memory available to
the EISA Configuration Utility. See the documentation
that accompanied these programs for instructions on
removing them from memory.
If you start the utility and there is not enough memory to
run it, a message is displayed. If you receive such a mes-
sage, run the utility from a diskette.
Follow these steps the first time you use the EISA Con-
figuration Utility. Later, if a card is added, removed, or
repositioned, you must follow the procedure described in
"Step 2: Add or Remove Boards" found later in this
To run the program from a diskette, insert into
drive A the EISA Configuration Utility diskette
that you created from the CD. Then either turn
on your computer or reboot it by pressing the
<Ctrl><Alt><Del> key combination or the reset
To run the program from your hard-disk drive,
switch to the c:\eisacfg subdirectory, type sd at
the operating system prompt, and press <Enter>.
To run the program from the Dell Server Assistant
CD, restart the system from the CD. Select Run
EISA Configuration Utility from the CD's main
To access the advanced options (described in
"Advanced Menu" found later in this chapter), press
<Ctrl><a> at the Welcome screen.
You can run the EISA Configuration Utility in mod-
eling mode by typing sd /n at the operating system
prompt and pressing <Enter>.
NOTE: To use modeling mode, you must run the
EISA Configuration Utility from your hard-disk
Modeling mode lets you set up configuration param-
eters for a system different from the one you are
using and allows you to save a configuration to a
file. Modeling mode is useful if you need to config-
ure many systems identically; instead of using the
EISA Configuration Utility to configure each sys-
tem, you can transfer the configuration file to a
diskette and load it onto each system. See "Modeling
Mode" found later in this chapter for more
Press <Esc> to return to the Welcome screen.
Using the EISA Configuration Utility



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