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Dell 2200 User Manual: Swapping A Host Adapter; Troubleshooting For Windows Nt; Installation For Novell Netware

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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may appear warning you that Windows NT may not
start if you remove the SCSI adapter.
When you are sure you are removing the correct
host adapter type, click OK.
Return to step 3 if you want to remove driver sup-
port for other types of host adapters, or click
Close to exit the SCSI adapters portion of Win-
dows NT Setup.
Close the Windows NT Setup program. When the
following message appears, click OK to exit:
The changes you have made will not take
effect until the computer is restarted.
If this message does not appear, no changes have been
made to the Windows NT system configuration.
Restart your computer.
NOTE: The Windows NT Setup program does not delete
the device driver from your hard-disk drive; it only
updates Windows NT software configuration information
so that the device driver is no longer loaded during sys-
tem start-up.

Swapping a Host Adapter

The procedure for swapping one type of host adapter for
another is similar to the procedure for adding a host
adapter, except that you make all software configuration
changes while the Windows NT operating system is run-
ning, before you make the hardware changes.
Install the driver for the new host adapter by fol-
lowing the steps in "Installing or Updating the
Driver With Windows NT 4.0" found earlier in
this section.
It is not essential to remove the device driver for the
host adapter you are replacing. The Windows NT
operating system dynamically detects the absence or
presence of host adapter hardware, and no problems
should arise if you leave the existing device driver
installed. You can remove the device driver later,
after you have successfully rebooted the Win-
dows NT operating system. However, the system
alerts you with an error message about the extra
device driver every time you boot. See the previous
subsection, "Removing a Host Adapter."
Once the new device driver is installed, shut down
the Windows NT operating system and replace
the existing host adapter.
Restart your computer and the Windows NT
operating system.
Some drive letter assignments may have changed
from the previous configuration.

Troubleshooting for Windows NT

The boot manager for Windows NT contains recovery
logic to allow you to return to the last known good
configuration. If you have changed your host adapter
configuration and the Windows NT operating system no
longer boots, follow these steps to recover:
Undo any hardware changes you have made to
the computer since it was last operational.
Reboot the computer. Watch the display carefully
during start-up. If the following message appears,
press the <Spacebar> and follow the instructions
on the screen to continue booting with the last
known good configuration:
Press spacebar NOW to invoke the Last
Known Good menu
Type l to continue booting your computer.
Once your computer is operational again, check
all of the hardware and software configuration
changes you want to make.
Look specifically for conflicts with parts of the exist-
ing system configuration that are not being changed.
If you cannot determine the source of the error, contact
Dell for assistance. See the chapter titled "Getting Help"
in the Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide for
instructions on contacting Dell for technical assistance.
nstallation for Novell NetWare
Read this section to find out about the NetWare operating
system installation, including:
Installing the EZ-SCSI utility
Calculating the slot number
Installing and Configuring SCSI Drivers



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