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Dell 2200 User Manual: Step 4: Examine Switches Or Print Report; Step 5: Save And Exit; Set Date And Set Time; Maintain System Configuration Diskette

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Step 4: Examine Switches or Print Report

The Step 4: Examine Switches or Print Report option
lists the required switch and jumper settings for each
expansion card in your computer. To view the settings,
highlight the card and press <Enter>. For ISA expansion
cards, it is important to compare the jumper and switch
settings listed on the screen to the actual settings on the
Press <F7> to make a copy of or print the settings. If your
computer is attached to a printer, you can print out the
information or copy it to a file.

Step 5: Save and Exit

The Step 5: Save and Exit option allows you to save or
cancel the configuration changes you have made. When
you select this option, follow the directions on the menu
that displays.
If you save your changes, the utility saves the new con-
figuration in your system's NVRAM and in a file on your
EISA Configuration Utility diskette. Then, the utility
automatically reboots your system.
If you cancel your changes, you can remain in the utility
to make other changes or exit the utility without saving
any changes.

Set Date and Set Time

The Set Date and Set Time options reset the date and time
maintained by your computer's real-time clock (RTC),
which uses NVRAM to keep the information current
even when the system is turned off. You can also reset the
date and time through the System Setup program as
described in Chapter 4, "Using the System Setup
NOTES: If your system is connected to a network, the
Date and Time categories may reflect the time main-
tained by the network server, depending upon how the
network is configured. In this case, changing the Date
and Time categories on your system has no effect.
Unless the EISA Configuration Utility is installed on
your hard-disk drive, it is quicker to reset the date and
time through the System Setup program.
Dell PowerEdge 2200 Systems User's Guide

Maintain System Configuration Diskette

Using the Maintain System Configuration Diskette
option, you can create a backup copy of the .sci file or use
a previously saved .sci file to reconfigure your system or
to identically configure many other systems. You can
also copy .cfg files and delete .sci and .cfg files from your
EISA Configuration Utility diskette, your diskette of .cfg
files, or the configuration diskette(s) for any hardware

Exit From This Utility

The Exit From This Utility option allows you to exit from
the EISA Configuration Utility and reboot your computer
dvanced Menu
The Advanced menu lets you lock or unlock cards in a
configuration, view detailed information about the sys-
tem, and maintain .sci files.
To see the Advanced menu, press <F7> while in the Step 3:
View or Edit Details menu. The following menu appears:

Advanced menu

Lock/unlock boards

View additional system information menu
Set verification mode menu
Maintain SCI files menu
Highlight the menu category you want, and press
<Enter>. Then follow the online instructions.
The following subsections describe each category.
Lock/Unlock Boards
When you lock an expansion card, the EISA Configura-
tion Utility cannot change the resources allocated to that
card. Unlocking the card allows the system to change the
resources automatically as new cards are added. The
default setting for the Lock/Unlock Boards category is
Unlocked. Dell recommends that you keep your cards
unlocked so that the EISA Configuration Utility can do
its job properly.



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