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Dell 2200 User Manual: Installing An Optional Scsi Controller For The External Bay Scsi Drives; Figure 8-10. 68-pin To 50-pin Adapter

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Plug the DC power cable into the 4-pin power input
connector on the back of the drive.
Use either of the two external SCSI connectors near-
est the system board connector on the SCSI interface
cable (see Figure 9-2).
NOTE: You will need a 68-pin to 50-pin adapter to
connect the SCSI cable to the narrow (50-pin) con-
nector on the CD-ROM or tape drive (Figure 8-10).
Press the interface cable connector firmly onto the
adapter and the adapter firmly onto the drive's
If you moved other drives at the beginning of this
step, snap them back into place.

Figure 8-10. 68-Pin to 50-Pin Adapter

Check all cable connections that may have been
loosened during this procedure. Arrange cables
so they will not catch on the computer cover or
block the airflow of the fans or cooling vents.
If a front-panel insert on the front bezel blocks
the bay in which you installed the drive, remove
the insert (see "Removing and Replacing Front-
Panel Inserts" found earlier in this chapter).
Replace the computer cover and front bezel
according to the instructions in "Replacing the
Computer Cover" and "Replacing the Front
Bezel" in Chapter 6.
Reconnect your computer and peripherals to
their power sources, and turn them on.
Verify correct operation of your system.
See Chapter 2, "Using the Dell Server Assistant
CD," for information on running the diagnostics
from the Dell Server Assistant CD. See the chapter
titled "Running the Diskette-Based Diagnostics" in
your Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide for infor-
mation on running the diskette-based diagnostics. Test
the new SCSI drive by running all the subtests in the
SCSI Devices Test Group of the diskette-based
Perform a tape backup and verification test with the
tape drive as instructed in the documentation for the
tape drive software that came with the drive.
Installing an Optional SCSI Controller
for the External Bay SCSI Drives
Performance of the SCSI hard-disk drives in the internal
bays can be increased by adding an optional SCSI con-
troller card to control the CD-ROM drive and any other
SCSI device installed in the external bays. The optional
Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI controller is available from
Dell in a kit that includes an interface cable with 50-pin
connectors for narrow SCSI devices.
Use the following procedure to install an optional SCSI
controller card for the SCSI devices in the external bays.
Configure the controller card if necessary.
Refer to the documentation accompanying the SCSI
controller card. If the card incorporates jumpers that
must be set to work with your system, verify or
change the settings as necessary.
Enable termination for the controller according to
the instructions in "SCSI Configuration Guidelines"
in Chapter 9.
Remove the computer cover according to the
instructions in "Removing the Computer Cover"
in Chapter 6.
CAUTION: See "Protecting Against Electro-
static Discharge" in the safety instructions at
the front of this guide.
Install the controller card in an expansion slot.
See "Installing an Expansion Card" in Chapter 7.
Connect one end of the interface cable that came
with the SCSI controller card to the controller
connector on the card (Figure 8-11).
One end of the interface cable has a single connec-
tor; the other end has two connectors. Connect the
single connector to the SCSI controller card.
Installing Drives in the External Bays



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