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Dell 2200 User Manual: Removing A Dimm; Installing A Microprocessor; Figure 7-7. Removing A Dimm

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Continue with step 5 of the previous subsection,
"Performing a Memory Upgrade."

Removing a DIMM

To remove a DIMM, press down and outward on the
ejectors on each end of the DIMM socket until the
DIMM pops out of the socket (Figure 7-7).

Figure 7-7. Removing a DIMM

nstalling a Microprocessor
In addition to the connector for the primary micro-
processor on the system board, there is a second
connector to accommodate a secondary microprocessor.
(In a single-microprocessor system, a terminator card is
installed in the second microprocessor connector.)
The secondary microprocessor must have the same operating
frequency as the primary microprocessor. For example, if the
system has a 266-megahertz (MHz) Pentium II primary
microprocessor, your secondary microprocessor must also be
a 266-MHz Pentium II microprocessor.
NOTE: If you are upgrading a system by installing a sec-
ondary microprocessor, you must order a microprocessor
upgrade kit from Dell. The upgrade kit from Dell con-
tains the correct version of the microprocessor for use as
a secondary microprocessor.
Dell PowerEdge 2200 Systems User's Guide
press down and out
Use the following procedure to install a microprocessor.
NOTE: Dell recommends that only a technically knowl-
edgeable person perform this procedure.
Remove the computer cover according to the
instructions in "Removing the Computer Cover"
in Chapter 6.
CAUTION: See "Protecting Against Electro-
static Discharge" in the safety instructions at
the front of this guide.
Remove the system board assembly according to
the instructions in "Removing the System Board
Assembly" in Chapter 6.
WARNING: The microprocessor-module heat
sink can get extremely hot. Be sure the micro-
processor heat sink has had sufficient time to
cool before proceeding.
If you are adding a second microprocessor, remove
the terminator card from the secondary micro-
processor connector.
First, remove the terminator-card retention
bracket cover that secures the terminator card in
place (see Figure 7-8). Using the thumb and
forefinger of each hand, pinch the vertical tabs
at each end of the cover, and then lift the cover
straight up.
Remove the terminator card. Holding the card
by its edges, lift the card straight up from the
microprocessor connector.



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