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Dell 2200 User Manual: Installing Scsi Hard-disk Drives In The Internal Bays; Figure 9-4. Removing The Hard-disk Drive Cage

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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nstalling SCSI Hard-Disk Drives
in the Internal Bays
Configure and install SCSI hard-disk drives in your com-
puter's internal drive bays as follows:
Determine where your SCSI drive(s) will be
installed and which connector on the SCSI cable
you will attach to each of them.
See "SCSI Cable" found earlier in this chapter.
Unpack each SCSI drive, and prepare it for
Configure each drive for a SCSI ID number, and
enable the termination, if necessary. For instructions,
see the documentation that came with the SCSI drive
as well as "SCSI Configuration Guidelines" found
earlier in this chapter. For instructions on configur-
ing the drive as a boot device, see "Configuring the
Boot Device" found earlier in this chapter.
Remove the computer cover and front bezel
according to the instructions in "Removing the
Computer Cover" and "Removing the Front Bezel"
in Chapter 6.
CAUTION: See "Protecting Against Electro-
static Discharge" in the safety instructions at
the front of this guide.
Lay the computer on its right side for easy access
to the internal hard-disk drive cage and the
expansion card slots.
Disconnect the interface cables and power cables
from any hard-disk drives already installed in the
hard-disk drive cage.
Remove the four mounting screws that secure the
hard-disk drive cage to the chassis (Figure 9-4).
Remove the hard-disk drive cage from the
Slide the hard-disk drive cage toward the back of the
chassis until the tabs on the hard-disk drive cage
release from the guide rails on the bottom of the
upper drive cage. Then lift the hard-disk drive cage
up and out of the chassis.
hard-disk drive
drive cage
alignment rails (2)
hard-disk drive cage mounting screws (4)
Figure 9-4. Removing the Hard-Disk Drive
If you are installing a SCSI controller card, con-
figure the card. Then install it in one of the
expansion slots.
For instructions on configuring the SCSI controller
card, see the documentation for the card. For instruc-
tions on installing the card, see "Installing an
Expansion Card" in Chapter 7.
Installing Drives in the Internal Bays
hard-disk drive
mounting screws (4)
tabs (2)



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