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Dell 2200 User Manual: Introduction; System Features

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Chapter 1


2200 systems are high-speed,
upgradable server systems designed around the Intel
II family of microprocessors with MMX
technology. The PowerEdge 2200 systems provide both
Extended Industry-Standard Architecture (EISA) and
high-performance Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)
expansion slots to allow for future expansion of your system.
This chapter describes the major hardware and software
features of the computer, provides information about the
indicators and controls on the computer's front panel, and
discusses connecting external devices to the computer.
ystem Features
The PowerEdge 2200 systems offer the following major
One or two Pentium II microprocessors with an
internal operating frequency of 233 or 266 megahertz
(MHz) and an external bus speed of 66 MHz.
The Pentium II microprocessor includes MMX tech-
nology designed to handle complex multimedia and
communications software. This microprocessor
incorporates new instructions and data types as well
as a technique called Single Instruction, Multiple
Data (SIMD) that allows the microprocessor to pro-
cess multiple data elements in parallel, thereby
improving overall system performance.
A secondary (L2) cache of 512 kilobytes (KB) of
static random-access memory (SRAM) is included
within the single-edge contact (SEC) cartridge that
contains the microprocessor. Math coprocessor func-
tionality is internal to the microprocessor.
Support for symmetric multiprocessing is available by
installing a second Pentium II microprocessor. Sym-
metric multiprocessing greatly improves overall
system performance by dividing microprocessor oper-
ations between the two independent microprocessors.
To take advantage of this feature, you must use an
operating system that supports multiprocessing, such
as Microsoft
NOTE: If you decide to upgrade your system by
installing a second microprocessor, you must order a
microprocessor upgrade kit from Dell. Not all ver-
sions of the Pentium II microprocessor will work
properly as a second microprocessor. The upgrade
kit from Dell contains the correct version of the
microprocessor chip for use as a second micro-
processor, as well as instructions for performing the
upgrade. The second microprocessor must have the
same internal operating frequency as the first.
A minimum of 32 megabytes (MB) of system mem-
ory, upgradable to a maximum of 512 MB by
installing combinations of 32- and 128-MB buffered,
extended-data output (EDO), dual in-line memory
modules (DIMMs) in the four DIMM sockets on the
system board.
The buffered 72-bit-wide EDO DIMMs installed in
PowerEdge 2200 systems support error correction
code (ECC) to check for and correct memory errors.
ECC is performed by the memory controller in the
system chip set.
A basic input/output system (BIOS) that resides in
flash memory on the EISA bus and can be upgraded
by diskette if required.
Windows NT
4.0 or Novell
4.11 (and later versions).



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