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Dell 2200 User Manual: Supported Operating Systems; Front Panel; Connecting External Devices; Figure 1-1. Front Panel

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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Supported Operating Systems

Dell supports the following network operating systems
for use on PowerEdge 2200 systems:
Windows NT Server 4.0
NetWare 4.11
Operating system software is not included with
PowerEdge 2200 systems. If you purchase the operating
system software from Dell, installation instructions are
included on the CD-ROM that contains the operating sys-
tem software.
NOTE: Installation services and support for other oper-
ating systems are available through Dell Plus. For more
information, see the chapter titled "Getting Help" in
your Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide.
ront Panel
The following controls and indicators are located on the
computer's front panel (see Figure 1-1):
The power button on the front panel controls the alternat-
ing current (AC) input power to the system's power
The green power indicator in the center of the power
button lights when the power supply is turned on and the
system is receiving direct current (DC) power.
When any SCSI device is being accessed, the drive
access indicator on the front panel lights.
The reset button on the front panel saves wear and tear on
system components by allowing you to reboot (restart)
the computer without turning the power off and then on
again. For more information about using the reset button,
see "Reset Button" in Chapter 4.
NOTE: The power button and the reset button are
recessed into the computer's front panel to prevent
accidentally turning off or resetting the computer
and losing valuable data.

Figure 1-1. Front Panel

onnecting External Devices
You can connect various external devices, such as a
mouse and printer, to the I/O ports and connectors on the
computer's back panel. The system BIOS detects the
presence of external devices when you boot or reboot
your system. When connecting external devices to your
computer, follow these guidelines:
Check the documentation that accompanied the
device for specific installation and configuration
For example, most devices must be connected to a
particular I/O port or connector to operate properly.
Also, external devices like a mouse or printer usually
require you to load software files called device drivers
into memory before they will work. These software driv-
ers help the computer recognize an external device and
direct its operation. Device drivers of this type are nor-
mally included with your operating system software.
Always attach external devices while your computer is
turned off. Then turn on any external devices before turn-
ing on the computer unless the documentation for the
device specifies otherwise. (If the computer does not
seem to recognize the device, try turning on the computer
before turning on the device.)
drive access
power button
power indicator
(inside power button)
drive access
reset button



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