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Dell 2200 User Manual Page 7

Dell poweredge 2200 servers: user guide.
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bout This Guide
This guide is intended for anyone who uses the Dell
PowerEdge 2200 computer systems. The guide can be
used by both first-time and experienced computer users
who want to learn about the features and operation of the
systems or who want to upgrade their computers. The
chapters and appendixes are summarized as follows:
Everyone should read Chapter 1, "Introduction," for
an overview of the system features, a description of
the controls and indicators on the front panel, and a
general discussion of connecting external devices to
the back panel of the computer.
Users who want to use the utilities, the diagnostics, the
online documentation, or install drivers for their operat-
ing system should read Chapter 2, "Using the Dell
Server Assistant CD."
Everyone should read the first few sections of Chap-
ter 3, "Installing and Configuring SCSI Drivers," to
find out which small computer system interface
(SCSI) device drivers (if any) are required for a par-
ticular system configuration. Users who need to
install and configure particular SCSI device drivers
should then read the appropriate section for their
operating system.
Everyone should read the first several sections of
Chapter 4, "Using the System Setup Program," to
familiarize themselves with this important program.
Only users who want to make configuration changes
to their system or who want to use the password fea-
tures need to read the rest of Chapter 4.
Everyone should read Chapter 5, "Using the EISA
Configuration Utility," whenever an Extended
Industry-Standard Architecture (EISA) or Industry-
Standard Architecture (ISA) expansion card is
added, removed, or repositioned in the computer.
Also, when you change the memory size or settings
for one of the built-in devices, you must run this
Chapter 6, "Working Inside Your Computer," Chapter
7, "Installing System Board Options," Chapter 8,
"Installing Drives in the External Bays," and Chapter
9, "Installing Drives in the Internal Bays," are
intended for users who want to install or remove
options inside the computer, such as dual in-line mem-
ory modules (DIMMs), expansion cards, or drives.
Appendix A, "Technical Specifications," and
Appendix B, "Hardware Configuration Features,"
are intended primarily as reference material for users
interested in learning more about the details of the
system. Users who add internal options may need to
refer to Appendix B to change jumper settings.
Appendix C, "Maintaining the System," describes
preventive maintenance procedures that you should
perform regularly to keep your computer system in
top operating condition.
Appendix D, "Regulatory Notices," is for users who
are interested in which regulatory agencies have
tested and approved the Dell PowerEdge 2200
Appendix E, "Warranties and Return Policy,"
describes the warranties for Dell PowerEdge 2200
systems and the "Total Satisfaction" Return Policy.
Appendix F, "Beep Codes and System Messages,"
describes the beep codes and system messages that
the system can generate when problems occur. The
information in this appendix replaces the informa-
tion in Chapter 3, "Messages and Codes," in the
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide.
The Glossary provides definitions of terms, acro-
nyms, and abbreviations used in this guide.



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