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Cleaning; Troubleshooting; Notice Regarding Conformity - Silvercrest SPU 900 A2 Operating Instructions Manual

Projection alarm clock


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The higher the brightness, the greater is the
power consumption of the device.
When you briefly press the MODE/LOCK
button e during radio operation, you can
toggle between frequency and time display.
The time can be projected from the appliance
onto a wall or the ceiling. This function is in-
tended for reading the time in darkness.
During the day in well lit rooms you will
hardly be able to use the projection facility.
When projection is switched on, the projection
symbol glows in the display g.
1. For this, first fold the projector t out.
2. Switch the function on with the PROJEC-
TION button u.
3. Direct the projector t onto the desired
surface area. Before you can turn the pro-
jector t - if so desired - to the side, you
must carefully pull its base up from the
device housing.
4. Using the focus regulator 1( sharpen the
5. The time will now be projected onto the
desired surface area for the pre-adjusted
timespan (see section "Adjusting the Pro-
jection duration").
6. To display the projection back to front,
press and hold the button PROJECTION u
for one second. Pressing and holding it once
again lets the projection appear as normal.
7. Should you wish to switch this function off
prematurely, press the PROJECTION but-
ton u and fold the Projector t in.
Button lock
Press and hold the MODE/LOCK button e
until the key symbol is indicated in the dis-
play g. The normal key functions are now
blocked. The buttons retain, however, the
function "Alarm stop". In addition, the button
SNOOZE/DIMMER y as the snooze button
and for setting the display brightness. To dis-
able the button lock function, press and hold
the MODE/LOCK button e once again until
the key symbol extinguishes.


Always remove the mains power plug
before cleaning the appliance! Moisture
penetrating into the appliance creates
the risk of electric shock! Additionally,
the appliance could become irreparably
Clean the housing of the radio alarm only
with a slightly moist cloth and a mild deter-
gent. Ensure that moisture cannot permeate
into the appliance during cleaning!


The appliance doesn't work.
> Is the plug of the power cable 2! inserted
firmly into the power socket?
> Has the circuit breaker tripped?
> Is there a power cut?
Poor VHF reception.
> Change the alignment of the wire aerial
2). If necessary, firmly position it with
adhesive tape.
Loss of all programming after a power
> Batteries were not inserted to retain the
> The batteries inserted for memory reten-
tion are exhausted. Replace them.
The projected time is difficult to read.
> Using the focus regulator 1( sharpen the

Notice regarding conformity

In regard to compliance with essential re-
quirements and other relevant provisions,
this device complies with the European
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
2004/108/EC, the Low Voltage Directive
2006/95/EC and the Ecodesign Directive
2009/125/EC (Ordinance 1275/2008
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