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Intended Use; Items Supplied; Technical Data; Safety Information - Silvercrest SPU 900 A2 Operating Instructions Manual

Projection alarm clock


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Projection Alarm Clock
SPU 900 A2
Congratulations on the purchase of your new
You have clearly decided in favour of a qual-
ity product. These operating instructions are
a part of this product. They contain important
information in regard to safety, use and dis-
posal. Before using the product, familiarise
yourself with all of these operating and safety
instructions. Use the product only as described
and only for the specified areas of applica-
tion. Retain these instructions for future refer-
ence. In addition, pass these documents on,
together with the product, to any future owner.
This documentation is copyright protected.
All rights including those of photographic
reproduction, duplication and distribution by
means of particular methods (for example
data processing, data carriers and data net-
works), wholly or partially as well as substan-
tive and technical changes are reserved.

Intended Use

This projection alarm is intended for display-
ing the time and for the reception of VHF ra-
dio programmes. Additionally, the appliance
is fitted with an alarm function using either
radio or a signal tone.
This radio alarm is not intended for use in
commercial or industrial applications. No
warranty is provided for damages resulting
from improper use of the appliance!

Items supplied

1 Projection Alarm Clock SPU 900 A2
1 Operating manual

Technical Data

Power supply:
Power consumption
in radio operation: 5 Watt
Output level:
Frequency range : VHF (FM)
temperature :
(W x H x D):
Weight :
Protection class:
Backup Batteries

Safety information

A warning of this danger level signifies a pos-
sible dangerous situation. If the dangerous
situation is not avoided it can lead to injuries.
Follow the directives in this warning notice, so
as to avoid personal injuries.
A warning of this danger level signifies pos-
sible property damage. If the situation is not
avoided it can lead to property damage. The
directives in this warning are there to avoid
property damage.
A notice signifies additional information that
assists in the handling of the appliance.
Warning: Risk of electric shocks.
• Connect the appliance only to correctly
installed and earthed mains power sock-
- 58 -
220-240 V ~ , 50 Hz
< 1 Watt
2 x 700 mW
bei 10% THD
87.5 – 108 MHz
+ 5 – +35 °C
-20 – +50 °C
5 – 90 %
(No condensation)
21 x 7.1 x 14.4 cm
850 g approx.
II /
2 x 1.5 V, Type AAA/
Micro (not supplied)


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