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Silvercrest SPU 900 A2 Operating Instructions Manual page 62

Projection alarm clock


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ets. Ensure that the rating of the local
power supply tallies completely with the
details given on the rating plate of the
• Arrange for Customer Services to repair
or replace connecting cables and/or
appliances that are not functioning prop-
erly or have been damaged.
• Keep the power cable and appliance
away from children. Children frequently
underestimate the dangers of electrical
• NEVER submerse the appliance in water.
Wipe it only with a slightly damp cloth.
• Do not expose the appliance to rain and
never use it in a humid or wet environ-
• Always take hold of the power cable by
the plug. Do not pull on the cable itself
and never touch the power cable with
wet hands, this could result in either a
short circuit or you receiving an electric
• Do NOT place the appliance itself,
furniture items or similar objects on the
power cable and take steps to ensure it
cannot become jammed or trapped in
any way.
• Make sure that the power cable does
not become wet during operation.
• You are not permitted to open the ap-
pliance housing or to repair or modify
the appliance. If the housing is opened
or irregular modifications are made, you
run the risk of receiving a potentially fatal
electric shock and the warranty lapses.
• Protect the appliance against drip and
spray water. Do not place any water-
filled vessels (e.g. flower vases) on or
near the appliance.
• Check the appliance and all parts for
visible damages. The safety concept can
work only if the appliance is in
a faultless condition.
• Always remove the power plug before
cleaning the appliance.
Warning: Injury hazard!
• NEVER make a knot in the power cable
and do NOT bind it together with other
cables. The power cable must be laid so
that co one can step on or trip over it.
• The power plug must always be easily
accessible, so that in the event of an
emergency the appliance can be quickly
disconnected from the mains power sup-
• This appliance is not intended for use
by individuals (including children) with
restricted physical, physiological or intel-
lectual abilities or deficiences in experi-
ence and/or knowledge unless they are
supervised by a person responsible for
their safety or receive from this person
instruction in how the appliance is to be
used. Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the ap-
• Provide a stable location for the ap-
• Do not operate the appliance if it has
sustained a fall or is damaged. Arrange
for the appliance to be checked and,
if necessary, repaired by qualified tech-
• Keep batteries well away from children.
Children could put batteries into their
mouths and swallow them.
• If a battery is swallowed, seek medical
assistance IMMEDIATELY.
Warning: Explosion hazard!
• Do not throw batteries into a fire.
Do not recharge the batteries.
• Never open batteries, never solder or
weld batteries. The risk of explosions
and injuries exists!
Warning: Risk of fire!
• Do not use the appliance near hot sur-
• Do not place the appliance in locations
that are subject to direct sunlight. If you
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