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Charging The Battery - Bosch Kiox Original Operating Instructions

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6.11.2 Charging the battery

Fire caused by overheated charger
The charger heats up when charging the battery.
In case of insufficient cooling, this can result in
fire or burns to the hands.
 Never use the charger on a highly flammable
surface (e.g. paper, carpet etc.).
 Never cover the charger during the charging
 Never leave battery unattended during
Electric shock caused by penetration by
If water penetrates into the charger, there is a risk
of electric shock.
 Never charge the battery outdoors.
Electric shock in case of damage
Damaged chargers, cables and plug connectors
increase the risk of electric shock.
 Check the charger, cable and plug connector
before each use. Never use a damaged
If an error occurs during the charging process, a
system message is displayed.
 Remove the charger and battery from
operation immediately and follow the
The ambient temperature during the charging
process must be within the range from 0 °C to
40 °C.
The battery can remain on the pedelec or can be
removed for charging.
Interrupting the charging process does not
damage the battery.
1 Remove the cable connection cover if
2 Connect the mains plug of the charger to a
normal domestic, grounded socket.
Connection data
MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020
230 V, 50 Hz
 Check that mains voltage! The power source
voltage must match the voltage indicated on
the charger nameplate. Chargers labelled
230 V may be operated at 220 V.
3 Connect the charging cable to the battery's
charging port.
 The charging process starts automatically.
 The battery level indicator shows the charge
level during charging. When the drive system is
switched on, the display screen shows the
charging process.
 The charging process is complete when the
LEDs on the operating status and battery level
indicator go out.
4 Once charging is complete, disconnect the
battery from the charger.
5 Disconnect the charger from the mains.