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Bosch Kiox Original Operating Instructions

Pegasus tecaro evo nv belt automatic
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Original operating instructions
Tec ar o E v o NV B e lt au to ma ti c
21-17-2141, 21-17- 3139, 21- 17-3140
MY21 P01 - 22 _1.0 _1 7.08 .20 20



  Summary of Contents for Bosch Kiox

  • Page 1 Original operating instructions IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USE KEEP SAFE TO CONSULT AT A LATER DATE Tec ar o E v o NV B e lt au to ma ti c 21-17-2141, 21-17- 3139, 21- 17-3140 MY21 P01 - 22 _1.0 _1 7.08 .20 20...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    3.4.3 Tightening torque 2.1.4 Electric shock caused by electric drive 3.4.4 Bicycle lighting system 3.4.5 Kiox on-board computer 2.1.5 Risk of a fall due to incorrectly set 3.4.6 Motor quick releases Performance Line CX 2.1.6 Risk of fire and burns due to hot motor 3.4.7...
  • Page 3 5.4.2 Retrofitting a PowerTube negative deflection Adapter 400 or 500 Adjusting the air suspension fork 5.4.3 Fit battery cover onto Bosch rebound PowerTube 625 battery (horizontal) 6.5.6 Setting up the smart app 5.4.4 Fit battery cover onto Bosch
  • Page 4 Contents 6.13.7 Using the push assist system 7.2.8 Cleaning the on-board computer 6.13.8 Selecting the level of assistance 7.2.9 Cleaning the motor 6.13.9 Operating the on-board computer 7.2.10 Cleaning the brake 6.13.10 Opening the start screen 7.2.11 Cleaning the saddle 6.13.11 Opening screens Servicing 7.3.1...
  • Page 5 Contents 9.1.6 Lighting does not work 9.1.7 Other errors Repair 9.2.1 Original parts and lubricants 9.2.2 Replacing the lighting 9.2.3 Adjusting the headlight 9.2.4 Tyre clearance check Recycling and disposal Documents 11.1 Parts list 11.1.1 Tecaro EVO NV Belt Automatic 11.2 Assembly report 11.3...
  • Page 6 About these operating instructions Thank you for your trust! Copyright © ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG Pegasus pedelecs are premium-quality vehicles. You have made an excellent choice. Your Distribution or reproduction of these operating specialist dealer will provide you with guidance instructions and utilisation or communication of and instruction and assemble your product.
  • Page 7: About These Operating Instructions

    About these operating instructions About these operating For your information instructions Different markings are used in the operating instructions to make them easier to read. Manufacturer 1.4.1 Warnings The pedelec manufacturer is: Warnings indicate hazardous situations and ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG actions.
  • Page 8: Markups

    About these operating instructions 1.4.2 Markups Instructions for specialist dealers are highlighted in grey. They are indicated by a screwdriver symbol. Information for specialist dealers does not require non-professionals to take any action. You will find stylised forms of typeface in the operating instructions: Stylised form Italics...
  • Page 9: Nameplate

    About these operating instructions Nameplate The nameplate is situated on the frame. You can You will find thirteen pieces of information on the see the exact position of the nameplate in Figure 2. nameplate. ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs- Genossenschaft eG Longericher Str. 2 50739 Köln, Germany Typ: 21-17-1017...
  • Page 10: Type Number And Model

    About these operating instructions ype number and model These operating instructions are an integral part of pedelecs with the type numbers: Type no. Model Pedelec type Tecaro Evo NV Belt City and trekking 21-17-2141 Automatic, Wave bicycle Tecaro Evo NV Belt City and trekking 21-17-3139 Automatic, Gent...
  • Page 11: Safety

    Safety Safety 2.1.2 Risk of fire and explosion due to short circuit in the battery Residual risks Metal objects may connect the battery's electrical terminals. The battery may self-ignite and 2.1.1 Risk of battery fire and explosion explode. The safety electronics may fail if the batteries are ...
  • Page 12: Risk Of A Fall Due To Incorrectly Set Quick Releases

    Safety 2.1.5 Risk of a fall due to incorrectly set 2.2.2 Suspension oil quick releases Suspension oil in the fork and the rear frame Excessively high clamping force will damage the damper is toxic to the touch, irritates respiratory quick release and cause it to lose its function. tracts and causes cancer, sterility and mutation in Insufficient clamping force will result in germ cells.
  • Page 13: Safety Markings And Safety Instructions

    Safety Safety markings and safety What to do in an emergency instructions 2.7.1 Dangerous situation in road traffic The nameplate contains these safety markings  In the event of any hazards or dangers in road and safety instructions: traffic, apply the brakes on the pedelec until it comes to a halt.
  • Page 14: Battery Vapours Emitted

    Safety  If a person is lying on their back and vomiting,  Use Class fire extinguishers to put out the fire. place them in the recovery position. Seek  Never extinguish damaged batteries with water medical advice immediately. or allow them to come into contact with water. Environmental protection measures Inhaling vapours can cause intoxication.
  • Page 15: Overview

    Overview Overview 15 16 Figure 2: Pedelec viewed from right: BULLS Copperhead Evo AM3 used as example Front wheel Pannier rack Fork Reflector and rear light Front wheel guard Rear wheel guard Headlight Kickstand Handlebars Rear wheel Stem Chain Frame Chain guard Seat post Motor...
  • Page 16: Description

    Overview Description 3.1.2 Suspension Suspension fork 3.1.1 Wheel Unlike a rigid fork, a suspension fork has two functions which improve floor contact and comfort: suspension and damping. The suspension prevents an impact, such as one caused by a stone lying in the pedelec's path, from being channelled directly into the rider's body via the fork.
  • Page 17: Steel Suspension Fork

    Overview 3.1.3 Brake system Steel suspension fork The stem and handlebars are fastened to the fork Every pedelec has a hydraulic brake system. The steerer (1). The wheel is fastened to the quick brake fluid is in a closed hose system. If the rider release axle (6).
  • Page 18: Electric Drive System

    Each individual cell in a The motor switches off automatically as soon as Bosch battery is protected by a steel cup and the rider no longer pedals, the temperature is cased in a plastic housing. You must not open this outside the permitted range, there is an overload housing.
  • Page 19: Frame Battery

    The type and duration of operating conditions have a significant effect on the battery life. Just like any other lithium-ion battery, the Bosch battery will age naturally, even if it is not being used. Its battery life can be extended if the battery is well maintained and, more importantly, stored at the correct temperatures.
  • Page 20: Pannier Rack Battery

    Overview Pannier rack battery Integrated battery Three different types of pannier rack batteries can Two different types of pannier rack batteries can be fitted: be fitted: PowerTube 400 PowerTube 500 PowerTube 625 PowerPack 300 PowerPack 400 PowerPack 500 (vertical/horizontal) (vertical/horizontal) (vertical/ horizontal)
  • Page 21: On-Board Computer

    Connect portal or Each pedelec is supplied with a charger. As a the eBike Connect app to log activities. You need general rule, any BOSCH charger may be used: to agree to location data being saved on the portal •...
  • Page 22: Proper Use

    Overview Proper use The pedelec must only be used in perfect, fully actions in these operating instructions met. functional condition. National requirements may Approved accessories can be installed by apply to the pedelec which the standard specialist staff. equipment may not meet. For riding on public The rechargeable batteries are designed to roads, some special regulations apply in relation supply power to the pedelec motor only and must...
  • Page 23: Improper Use

    Overview Improper use Failure to adhere to the proper use poses a risk of • lending the pedelec to untrained riders • carrying other people personal injury and material damage. It is • riding with excessive baggage prohibited to use the pedelec in the following •...
  • Page 24: Maximum Permitted Total Weight

    (available from the App Store or the Google Play Store) and registration on the eBike Connect Portal ( are required to use all the features that the Kiox on-board computer offers. Neither is included in the scope of delivery.
  • Page 25: Technical Data

    A-weighted emission sound pressure < 70 dB(A) Transmitting capacity < 10 mW level Table 16: Technical data for Kiox on-board computer Total vibration level for the hands and < 2.5 m/s² (BUI330) arms A) At an ambient temperature < 25 °C Highest effective value of weighted <...
  • Page 26: Rechargeable Battery

    Overview 3.4.7 Rechargeable battery PowerTube 400 Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment Nominal voltage 36 V Nominal capacity 11 Ah Energy 400 Wh Weight 2.9 kg Protection class IP54 Operating temperature -5 °C - +40 °C Storage temperature +10 °C - +40 °C Permitted charging temperature 0 °C - + 40 °C...
  • Page 27: Description Of Controls And Screens

    Overview Description of controls and – Start screen – Clock and range screens – Trip distance and trip time 3.5.1 Handlebars – Power and pedalling frequency – Average speed and maximum speed – Trip distance, range, output and heart frequency* –...
  • Page 28 Overview 2. Battery level indicator Level of assistance If the on-board computer is removed Optimum assistance on any terrain, M T B from its mount, the last battery level sporty start-up, improved dynamics and available in maximum performance combination with message is saved.
  • Page 29: Status Bar

    → <Introduction to Kiox> smartphone and Kiox is also displayed. → <Registration>◦ → <FAQs> → <Introduction to Kiox> → <Certificates> → <Licence info>◦ → <Contact> Table 23: Basic structure of Kiox menu and sub-menu MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 30: Additional Journey Information For Eshift Shimano Di2 And Rohloff

    Resetting to factory settings. All user data will be lost needed during reset. → Display connected devices – Information Information on the Kiox on-board computer. – My profile → <Introduction to Kiox> The active user's details. Explanation of the key functions and screens –...
  • Page 31: Additional Eshift System Setting

    Applies only to Pedelecs with eShift with NuVinci H|Sync/ enviolo with Optimized H|Sync Figure 17: ABS error message on the Kiox display The following additional functions are available on If the indicator lamp does not go out after you set...
  • Page 32: Control Panel

    Overview 3.5.3 Control panel The rider has the choice between automatic and manual gear switching. The on-board computer is operated using six buttons on the control panel. In automatic mode, the system automatically adjusts transmission to maintain the rider's preferred pedalling frequency. The required pedalling frequency is set on the on-board computer.
  • Page 33: Environmental Requirements

    Overview Environmental requirements You can be ride the pedelec within a temperature Temperatures under -10 °C and over +40 °C must range between 5 °C and 35 °C. The electric drive be avoided. system is limited in its performance outside this You must also keep within the following temperature range.
  • Page 34 Overview The pedelec is unsuitable for the following areas of use: Child's bicycles/ City and trekking Area of use bicycles for young Mountain bikes Racing bicycle Cargo bike Folding bicycle bicycles adults Never drive off-road Never drive off-road Never drive off-road Never drive off-road Never drive off-road or perform jumps.
  • Page 35: Assembly

    Assembly Assembly 5.2.1 Scope of delivery Pedelecs are fully assembled in the factory for test purposes and then dismantled for WARNING transportation. Risk of eye injury The pedelec is 95 - 98 % pre-assembled. The Problems may arise if the settings are not made scope of delivery includes: to components correctly and you may sustain serious injuries as a result.
  • Page 36: Preparing The Battery

    Adapter 400 or 500 4 Pull out the PowerTube adapter. A PowerTube Adapter 400 or 500 needs to be retrofitted to use a Bosch PowerTube 625 battery. 1 Use a TORX® T25 wrench to undo the screws in the battery mount.
  • Page 37: Fit Battery Cover Onto Bosch Powertube 625 Battery (Horizontal)

    1 Detach the upper interface (lock side) from the cover. Bosch PowerTube 625 battery with a TORX® T20 wrench. Figure 30: Pushing the battery cover onto battery Figure 28: Detaching the upper interface ...
  • Page 38: Powertube 500 Battery (Horizontal)

    Figure 31: Detaching the upper interface cover. 2 Fasten the PowerTube extension to the Bosch PowerTube 500 battery using the two M4 x 8 T20 screws supplied. In doing so, ensure that the closed side faces the front of the battery (towards on-off switch).
  • Page 39: Installing The Wheel In The Suntour Fork

    Assembly 5.5.1 Installing the wheel in the Suntour 4 Tighten the securing screw with a 5 mm fork hexagon socket spanner to 5–6 Nm.  The lever is mounted. Screw-on axle (15 mm) Only applies to Suntour forks with 15 mm screw-on axle 1 Insert the axle completely on the drive side.
  • Page 40: Quick Release Axle

    Assembly Quick release axle 2 Tighten the axle with the red handle. Only applies to Suntour forks with screw-on axle CAUTION Crash caused by loose quick release axle A faulty or incorrectly installed quick release axle may become caught in the brake disc and block the wheel.
  • Page 41: Quick Release

    Assembly 5 Check the position and clamping force of the Quick release quick release lever. The quick release lever Only applies to Suntour forks with quick release must be flush with the lower housing. You must be able to see a slight impression on the palm CAUTION of your hand when you close the quick release Crash caused by unfastened quick release...
  • Page 42: Checking The Stem And Handlebars

    Assembly 5.5.2 Checking the stem and handlebars 2 Push in the quick release until you can hear a click. Make sure that the flange is extended. Checking the connections 1 Stand in front of the pedelec to check whether the handlebars, stem and fork steerer are firmly attached to one another.
  • Page 43: Adjusting Gear Shift

    Assembly Adjusting gear shift 5.6.2 Calibrating 1 Switch on the electric drive system (see 5.6.1 Setting the shift cable play Section 6.12.1). A shift cable play between 0.5 and 1.5 is ideal. A 2 Open the <eShift> menu in the on-board shift cable play of more than 2 mm has a negative computer (see Section
  • Page 44: Operation

    Operation Operation Risks and hazards CAUTION WARNING Crash caused by difficult-to-spot damage Injuries and death caused by other road users If the pedelec topples over or you have a fall or an accident, there may be difficult-to-spot damage to Other road users, trucks, cars or pedestrians often components such as the brake system, quick underestimate the speed of pedelecs.
  • Page 45: Personal Protective Equipment

    Operation Tips for a greater range CAUTION The pedelec's range depends on many Crash caused by poor road conditions influencing factors. A single battery charge may only last fewer than 20 kilometres but much more Loose objects, such as branches and twigs, may than 100 is also possible.
  • Page 46: Error Message

    Operation Error message Code Description Method of resolution 6.3.1 On-board computer USB connection error Re-start the system. Contact your specialist The drive system monitors itself continuously and dealer if the problem displays a number as an error message if a known persists.
  • Page 47 Operation Code Description Method of resolution Code Description Method of resolution An inadmissible electrical Remove consumer. Battery voltage error Re-start the system. load has been Re-start the system. Contact your specialist detected dealer if the problem Contact your specialist persists. dealer if the problem persists.
  • Page 48: Rechargeable Battery

    Operation 6.3.2 Rechargeable battery Code Description Method of resolution The battery is protected against deep discharge, 860, 861 Error in the power supply Re-start the system. overcharging, overheating and short circuits by Contact your specialist Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). In the event of a dealer if the problem persists.
  • Page 49: Instruction And Customer Service

    Operation Instruction and customer service  Adjust the saddle tilt to horizontal. Your supplying specialist dealer will provide customer service. Contact details can be found on the pedelec pass for these operating instructions. The specialist dealer will explain all the pedelec functions to you in person, this being when the specialist dealer hands over the pedelec at the latest.
  • Page 50: Adjusting The Seat Height With Quick Release

    Operation Adjusting the seat height with quick Adjusting the seat position release The saddle can be shifted on the saddle frame. 1 Open the quick release on the seat post to The right horizontal position ensures an optimal change the seat height (1).
  • Page 51: Adjusting The Handlebars

    Operation 6.5.2 Adjusting the handlebars Adjusting the height of the handlebars 1 Open the stem clamping lever. CAUTION Crash caused by incorrectly set clamping force Excessively high clamping force will damage the quick release and cause it to lose its function. Insufficient clamping force will result in unfavourable transmission of force.
  • Page 52: Setting The Brake

    Operation 6.5.4 Setting the brake  Turn the setting screw anti-clockwise towards minus (–). The brake lever grip distance can be adjusted to  The brake lever moves closer to the handlebar ensure that it can be reached more easily. The grip.
  • Page 53: Setting The Pressure Point On A Magura Brake Lever

    Operation  The brake handle moves closer to the Setting the pressure point on a handlebars. Magura brake lever  The brake linings move closer to the rim. WARNING  The pressure point activates sooner. Brake failure due to incorrect setting ...
  • Page 54: Adjusting The Suntour Fork

    Operation 6.5.5 Adjusting the Suntour fork Adjusting the steel suspension fork negative deflection CAUTION You can adjust the tensioning in the fork spring to the rider's weight and their preferred riding style. Crash caused by incorrectly set suspension This reduces the negative deflection in the fork. If the suspension is set incorrectly, the fork may become damaged, meaning problems may occur when steering.
  • Page 55: Adjusting The Air Suspension Fork Negative Deflection

    Operation Adjusting the air suspension fork 8 Get off the pedelec without allowing it to negative deflection deflect.  The air valve is located beneath the valve cap 9 Measure distance between the dust seal and on the crown of the left-hand shock absorber. the cable tie.
  • Page 56: Setting Up The Smart App

    ID to perform tasks such as analyse their ride data and routes. Creating a user ID A user ID can be added on the Bosch eBike Connect smartphone app or directly at 1 Enter the data required for registration.
  • Page 57: Accessories

    Operation Accessories CAUTION We recommend a parking stand into which either Risk of crushing due to exposed springs the front wheel or rear wheel can be inserted securely for pedelecs which do not have a The child may crush his/her fingers on exposed kickstand.
  • Page 58: Trailer

    Operation 6.6.2 Trailer Trailer approval for ENVIOLO hub gear Only compatible bicycle trailers are approved for CAUTION ENVIOLO hub gears. Crash caused by brake failure KETTLER The braking distance may be longer if the trailer KETTLER QUADRIGA child trailer is carrying excessive load.
  • Page 59: Pannier Rack

    Operation 6.6.3 Pannier rack The specialist dealer will advise on choosing a suitable pannier rack. The specialist dealer must install the pannier rack the first time to ensure that it is safely fitted. When installing a pannier rack, the specialist dealer makes sure that the fastening mechanism is suitable for the pedelec and that all components are installed and firmly fastened.
  • Page 60: Check List Before Each Ride

    Operation Check list before each ride  Check the pedelec before each ride.  Take the pedelec out of service if you spot any anomalies.  Check that the pedelec is complete.  Check the battery is firmly in place. Check that the lighting, reflector and brake, for instance, ...
  • Page 61: Using The Kickstand

    Operation Using the kickstand  Distribute the baggage as evenly as possible between the left- and right-hand side. 6.8.1 Raising the kickstand  We recommend the use of panniers and  Use your foot to raise the kickstand completely baggage baskets. before setting off.
  • Page 62: Rechargeable Battery

    Operation 6.11 Rechargeable battery Inserting the integrated battery  Switch off the battery and the drive system before removing or inserting the battery. 6.11.1 Integrated battery Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment Removing the integrated battery Figure 69: Inserting the integrated battery 1 Place the battery into the lower mount with the contacts facing the front (see [1]).
  • Page 63: Charging The Battery

    Operation 6.11.2 Charging the battery Notice  Check that mains voltage! The power source CAUTION voltage must match the voltage indicated on the charger nameplate. Chargers labelled Fire caused by overheated charger 230 V may be operated at 220 V. The charger heats up when charging the battery.
  • Page 64: Electric Drive System

    Operation 6.12 Electric drive system 6.12.2 Switching off the electric drive system 6.12.1 Switching on the electric drive As soon as you stop pushing the pedals in normal system mode or reach a speed of 25 km/h, the drive system switches off the assistance system. The CAUTION assistance system starts up again if you push the pedals and your speed is less than 25 km/h.
  • Page 65: On-Board Computer

    Operation 6.13 On-board computer 6.13.1 Inserting the on-board computer 1 Place the on-board computer lower section into CAUTION the mount. Crash caused by distraction A lack of concentration while riding increases the risk of an accident. This may cause a crash with serious injuries.
  • Page 66: Securing The On-Board Computer

    Figure 72: Position of headset screw  The on-board computer will only charge when switched on. 1 Undo headset screw (1) until the Kiox mount can be swivelled sideways. 1 Switch on-board computer on. 2 Insert on-board computer into the mount.
  • Page 67: Switching The On-Board Computer On

    It can then only be activated using the on-board computer belonging to the e- bike. You will find detailed instructions in the online operating instructions at Figure 75: Position of riding light button MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 68: Using The Push Assist System

    Operation  The drive system needs to be already switched 1 Press the push assist button briefly. on to turn on the riding light.  The push assist is activated.  Press the riding light button. 2 Press and hold the plus button within three ...
  • Page 69: Operating The On-Board Computer

    Operation 6.13.9 Operating the on-board computer 6.13.10 Opening the start screen All user interface screens and texts on the  Insert on-board computer into the mount. following pages correspond to the latest software  The S T A R T S C R E E N will be shown. release version.
  • Page 70: 1Registration With Ebike Connect

    → <Language> → <Factory settings> Resetting the range Information → <Introduction to Kiox> 1 Open <My eBike> menu item. → <Registration>◦ 2 Open <Range> sub-menu item. → <FAQs> → <Introduction to Kiox>...
  • Page 71: 6Switching On Bluetooth

    Operation Switching off Bluetooth® 3 Follow the instructions on the on-board computer. 1 Open < Bluetooth®> menu item.  The time zone is selected. 2 Follow the instructions on the on-board computer. Setting the clock format  Bluetooth® is switched off. 1 Open <Sys settings>...
  • Page 72: Brake

    Operation 6.14 Brake CAUTION WARNING Crash caused by wet conditions Crash caused by brake failure The tyres may slip on wet roads. In wet conditions you must also expect a longer braking distance. Oil or lubricant on the brake disc in a disc brake The braking sensation differs from the usual or on the rim of a rim brake can cause the brake sensation.
  • Page 73: Using The Brake Lever

    Operation 6.14.1 Using the brake lever Figure 80: Front (2) and rear (1) brake lever – Shimano brake used as an example  Push the left-hand brake lever to apply the front wheel brake.  Push the right-hand brake lever to apply the rear wheel brake.
  • Page 74: Suspension And Damping

    Operation 6.15 Suspension and damping 6.15.1 Adjusting the compression in the Suntour fork Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment The compression adjuster makes it possible to make quick adjustments to the suspension behaviour of the fork to suit changes in terrain. It is intended for adjustments made during the ride.
  • Page 75: Gear Shift

    Operation 6.16 Gear shift The automatic Enviolo gear shift includes a twist grip with an indicator. The selection of the appropriate gear is a prerequisite for a physically comfortable ride and making sure that the electric drive system functions properly. The ideal pedalling frequency is between 70 and 80 revolutions per minute.
  • Page 76: Switching Gear Manually

    Operation 6.16.3 Switching gear manually Changing down Switch to a low transmission ratio for setting off or driving uphill.  Turn the twist grip backwards.  A hill is shown on the display. Figure 83: Hill display (1) when changing down (2) Changing up Switch to a high transmission ratio for higher speeds.
  • Page 77: Parking The Pedelec

    Operation 6.17 Parking the pedelec Notice Heat or direct sunlight can cause the tyre pressure to increase above the permitted maximum pressure. This can destroy the tyres.  Never park the pedelec in the sun.  On hot days, regularly check the tyre pressure and adjust it as necessary.
  • Page 78: Cleaning And Servicing

    Cleaning and servicing Cleaning and servicing Cleaning check list CAUTION  Clean the pedals after each ride Crash and falling caused by unintentional  Suspension fork after each ride activation There is a risk of injury if the drive system is ...
  • Page 79: Basic Cleaning

    Cleaning and servicing Basic cleaning 7.2.1 Cleaning the frame 1 Soak the entire frame with dish-washing CAUTION detergent if the dirt is thick and ingrained. 2 After leaving it to soak for a short time, remove Crash caused by brake failure the dirt and mud with a sponge, brush and The braking effect may be unusually poor toothbrushes.
  • Page 80: Cleaning The Chain

    Cleaning and servicing 7.2.5 Cleaning the chain 7.2.7 Cleaning the battery Notice CAUTION  Never use aggressive (acid-based) cleaners, Risk of fire and explosion due to penetration by rust removers or degreasers when cleaning water the chain. The battery is only protected from simple spray ...
  • Page 81: Cleaning The Motor

    Cleaning and servicing 7.2.9 Cleaning the motor 7.2.11 Cleaning the saddle Notice CAUTION  Never clean with a pressure washer. Burns from hot motor  Never clean with solvent or chemical agents. The motor cooler can become extremely hot during use. Touching it may cause burns. ...
  • Page 82: Maintaining The Suspension Fork

    Cleaning and servicing 7.3.3 Maintaining the suspension fork  The rims of a rim brake with invisible wear indicator are worn as soon as the wear  Treat the dust seals with fork oil. indicator becomes visible in the area of the rim joint.
  • Page 83: Checking And Adjusting The Tyre Pressure - Presta Valve

    Cleaning and servicing 4 Correct the tyre pressure according to Checking and adjusting the tyre pressure – Schrader valve specifications in the Pedelec pass. Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment 5 If the tyre pressure is too high, unfasten the ...
  • Page 84: Checking The Brake Linings For Wear

    Cleaning and servicing 7.4.3 Checking the brake linings for wear  Contact your specialist dealer if there is any wear or signs of corrosion. Check brake linings after brake has been fully applied 1,000 times. 7.4.9 Checking the USB port 1 Check that the brake linings are no less than Notice 1.8 mm wide at any point and no less than...
  • Page 85: Maintenance

    Maintenance Maintenance CAUTION Hazard for the environment due to toxic WARNING substances Injury due to damaged brakes The brake system contains toxic and Special tools and specialist knowledge are environmentally harmful oils and lubricants. Such required to repair the brakes. Incorrect or fluids will contaminate if they enter the sewers or unauthorised assembly can damage the brakes.
  • Page 86: Suspension System

    Maintenance  The specialist dealer will fully inspect the WARNING interior and exterior of the rear frame damper, overhaul the rear frame damper, replace all air Injury due to explosion seals on air forks, overhaul the air suspension, change the oil and replace the dust wipers. The air chamber is pressurised.
  • Page 87: Suspension Fork

    Maintenance Special tools, special lubricants and knowledge of WARNING suspension components are required to maintain and repair the rear frame damper. Injury due to explosion The rear frame damper may become damaged if The air chamber is pressurised. If the air system is the procedure is not followed as described.
  • Page 88: Suspension Seat Post

    Maintenance 8.1.3 Suspension seat post Axle with quick release Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment CAUTION Maintenance intervals Crash caused by unfastened quick release by.schulz seat post Check all screws for correct tightening A faulty or incorrectly installed quick release may After 250 km and ...
  • Page 89: Checking The Quick Release

    Maintenance 8.2.1 Checking the quick release Maintaining the stem  Check the position and clamping force of the Incorrectly fastened screws may come loose due quick release lever. The quick release lever to impact. The stem may no longer be firmly fixed must be flush with the lower housing.
  • Page 90: Cable-Operated Gear Shift, Dual-Cable

    Maintenance 8.4.2 Cable-operated gear shift, dual- 8.4.3 Cable-operated twist grip, dual- cable cable Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment Only applies to pedelecs with this equipment  For a smooth gear shift, set the adjusting  For a smooth gear shift, set the adjusting sleeves underneath the chain stay on the sleeves on the shifter housing.
  • Page 91: Troubleshooting, Fault Clearance And Repair

    Troubleshooting, fault clearance and repair Troubleshooting, fault clearance and repair Troubleshooting and fault 9.1.2 Error message clearance If an error message is displayed, run through the following actions: The components of the drive system are checked constantly and automatically. If an error is 1 Make a note of the system message.
  • Page 92: Fault In The Assistance System

    Troubleshooting, fault clearance and repair 9.1.3 Fault in the assistance system Symptom Cause Remedy Check on-screen indicators. The electronic gear assistance is Is the speed too high? only active up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Check battery is charged. Is the battery charged sufficiently? Recharge the battery if it is almost flat.
  • Page 93: Battery Error

    Troubleshooting, fault clearance and repair 9.1.4 Battery error Symptom Cause Remedy  The battery discharges The battery may be at the end of its Replace old battery with new one. very quickly. useful life. Disconnect the charger mains plug. Is the charger mains plug firmly Insert the mains plug.
  • Page 94: On-Board Computer Error

    Troubleshooting, fault clearance and repair Symptom Cause Remedy Remove the battery from the pedelec immediately. There is an unusual smell. Contact the fire service. Observe all the warnings in Section 2 Safety. Fumes are emitted from Remove the battery from the pedelec immediately. the battery.
  • Page 95: Repair

    Troubleshooting, fault clearance and repair Symptom Cause Remedy  Follow the instructions for the code indicated on A fault or warning has occurred. This Three beeps are sounded. occurs when an error message is the display screen in Section 6.2 System displayed.
  • Page 96: Recycling And Disposal

    Recycling and disposal Recycling and disposal This device is marked according to the European Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE and the European Directive 2006/66/EC on accumulators. The directive provides the framework for the return and recycling of used devices across the EU.
  • Page 97: Documents

    Chain guard Horn Catena Lock Block XXL Stand/stand mount Pletscher Comp Flex 40 Motor Bosch Performance Line CX, BDU450CX BOSCH PowerTube 400, BBP282 or Rechargeable battery BOSCH PowerTube 500, BBP280 or BOSCH PowerTube 625, BBP282 Display BOSCH Kiox MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 98: Assembly Report

    Documents 11.2 Assembly report Date: Frame number: Components Description Criteria Measures if rejected Accept- Assembly/inspection Tests Rejection ance Front wheel Assembly O.K. Loose Adjust quick release Kickstand Check mount fastening Functional check O.K. Loose Retighten screws Tyre pressure too low/ Tyres Tyre pressure check O.K.
  • Page 99 Documents Components Description Criteria Measures if rejected Drive/gear shift Chain/cassette/ Refasten if necessary or replace Check for damage O.K. Damage pinion/chainring as specified in parts list Chain guard/spoke Check for damage O.K. Damage Replace as specified in parts list guard Bottom bracket axle/ Check mount fastening O.K.
  • Page 100: Maintenance Instructions

    Documents 11.3 Maintenance instructions Diagnosis and documentation of current status Date: Frame number: Components Frequency Description Criteria Measures if rejected Inspection Tests Maintenance Accept- Rejection ance Front wheel 6 months Assembly O.K. Loose Adjust quick release Kickstand 6 months Check mount fastening Functional check O.K.
  • Page 101 Documents Components Frequency Description Criteria Measures if rejected Inspection Tests Maintenance Accept- Rejection ance Light system First examination O.K. Error message Contact battery Rechargeable 6 months manufacturer; take out of battery service, new battery Connections, correct O.K. Cable defective, New cabling Light cabling 6 months wiring...
  • Page 102 Documents Technical inspection, checking safety, test ride Components Description Criteria Measures if rejected Assembly/inspection Tests Accept- Rejection ance No full braking; braking Locate defective part in brake Brake system 6 months Functional check O.K. distance too long system and correct Gear shift under Problems when shifting 6 months...
  • Page 103 Documents Notes MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 104: Charger Operating Instructions

    Documents 11.4 Charger operating instructions MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 105 Battery Charger 36-4/230 Standard Charger BCS220 0 275 007 907 Li-Ion Input: 230V 50Hz 1.5A Output: 36V Use ONLY with BOSCH Li-Ion batteries Made in PRC Robert Bosch GmbH 72757 Reutlingen Germany eBike Battery Charger 36-6/230 Fast Charger BCS250...
  • Page 106 Documents Compact Charger %&6 MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 107 Documents MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 108 Documents MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 109 Documents MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 110 Documents MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 111 Documents MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 112: Glossary

    Glossary Glossary Electrically power assisted cycle, pedelec Source: EN 15194:2017: electrically power Brake lever assisted cycle, equipped with pedals and an auxiliary electric motor, which cannot be propelled Source: EN 15194:2017: lever used to apply the exclusively by means of the auxiliary electric brake.
  • Page 113 Glossary Maximum saddle height Quick-release device, quick release Source: EN 15194:2017: vertical distance from Source: EN 15194:2017: lever actuated the ground to the point where the top of the seat mechanism that connects, retains or secures a surface is intersected by the seat-post axis, wheel or any other component.
  • Page 114: Abbreviations

    Glossary Weight of ready-to-ride bicycle Source: ZEG: the indicated weight for a ready-to- ride bicycle refers to the weight of a pedelec at the time of sale. The weight of each additional accessory must be added to this weight. Wheel Source: EN 15194:2017: assembly or combination of hub, spokes or disc, and rim, but excluding tyre assembly.
  • Page 115: Appendix

    Appendix Appendix Translation of the original EC/EU Declaration of Conformity Manufacturer Authorised representative for documentation* ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG Janine Otto Longericher Strasse 2 c/o ZEG Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG 50739 Köln, Germany Longericher Strasse 2 50739 Köln, Germany The machine, pedelec types: 21-17-2141 Tecaro Evo NV Belt Automatic, Wave City and trekking bicycle...
  • Page 116: Directive Declaration Of Conformity With Red Directive

    Appendix Directive declaration of conformity with RED Directive Robert Bosch GmbH, Bosch eBike Systems, hereby declares that the Kiox radio system complies with Directive 2014/53/EU. The complete EU declaration of conformity is available online at: MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 117: Declaration Of Conformity For Incomplete Machine

    Appendix III. Declaration of conformity for incomplete machine MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 118 Appendix MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 119 Appendix MY21P01 - 22_1.0_24.09.2020...
  • Page 120: Keyword Index

    Appendix Keyword index Chain, 15, 18 Alternative equipment, 118 – care, 86 Handlebars, 15, 27 Articulated shaft, - maintaining, 88 - check 46 – care 86 Charger, position 15 Average values, - disposing of, 100 Hardware version, - re-set automatically 30, 74 Child seat, 61 Indicator 30 - reset manually 30, 74...
  • Page 121 Appendix Pannier rack battery, 18 Time zone, Pannier rack, - select 30, 75 Trailer, 62 - changing, 65 - checking, 64 Transportation, 35 - using, 65 Transporting, see Transportation position 15 Type number, 9 Pedal, 18 Tyres, 16 – care, 86 - check 86 - cleaning, 82 Pedelec,...