Operation; Using Aroma And Herb Containers - Silvercrest SGS 80 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Facial sauna
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Prepare the facial sauna as described under
"Preparing the facial sauna for use".
• Press once on the Lo/Hi/Off button 8. The con-
trol lamp 7 glows green (low steam level "Lo").
The water in the water bowl 6 is heated just suf-
ficiently to produce a small amount of steam.
For more steam, press on the Lo/Hi/Off button 8
once more. The control lamp 7 glows red (high
steam level "Hi"). The water is heated more strongly
and so produces more steam.
Should you feel uncomfortable or perceive the
steam as unpleasant, either hold your face a little
further away from the face mask 1 or reduce the
volume of steam. Should the feeling of discomfort
continue, terminate the utilisation.
• Hold your face over the face mask 1. Close
your eyes and relax:
• You can additionally regulate the steam volume
as follows:
Slide the handle 5 of the steam regulator 4 to
the right (in the direction MAX) to increase the
steam volume. Slide the handle 5 of the steam
regulator 4 to the left (in the direction MIN) to
decrease the steam volume.
• When the water in the water bowl 6 has eva-
porated, the appliance switches itself off auto-
matically. If you wish to switch the appliance off
prematurely, press the Lo/Hi/Off button 8 repea-
tedly until the control lamp 7 extinguishes.
After 30 minutes the appliance switches itself off
automatically, even if there is still water in the water
bowl 6.
Using aroma and herb
You can enrich the steam with various herbs and
aromas. This can contribute to both relaxation and
the treatment of the skin.
Only those types of herbs and aromas can be em-
ployed that are intended and suitable for use in a
facial sauna.
Before connecting the face mask 1 with the heating
unit 9:
• Press both locking devices on the lid 2 of the aro-
ma and herb container 3 together and take
from it the aroma and herb container 3.
• Place either the herbs or a cotton wool ball
sprinkled with aroma-essence into the aroma
and herb container 3.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents