Preparing The Facial Sauna For Use; Utilisation - Silvercrest SGS 80 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Facial sauna
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• Connect the appliance only to wall power sockets
supplying the type of electrical current detailed
on the model plate.
• NEVER submerse the appliance in water or other
liquids! The appliance could become irreparably
• NEVER heat the appliance up without liquids!
• Do NOT fill the appliance with solvents or other
inflammable fluids!
• Always disconnect the power cable by pulling
on the plug itself. Do NOT pull on the power
cable itself!
• Arrange for defective power plugs and/or cables
to be replaced at once by qualified technicians
or our Customer Service Department.
• Do NOT reach into the interior of the appliance
when it is in use. There is a risk of being
• Clean the appliance after every use so as to
avoid the accumulation of fats and other residues.
Risk of electric shock!
Do not use this appliance in the close vicinity
of baths, washbowls or other receptacles
containing water.

Preparing the facial sauna for use

• Unwind the cable from the cable winder 0 and
guide it through the recess on the underside of
the heating unit 9.
• Place the heating unit 9 on a level, non-slip and
water resistant surface.
• Using the measuring cup q fill the water bowl 6
with water. Orientate yourself with the scale on
the measuring cup q for how long you wish to use
the appliance (approx. 5, approx.10 or approx.
15 minutes). Use the scale that is appropriate to
the respective steam setting (Hi or Lo).
NEVER fill the water bowl 6 with a water volume that
exceeds the "Hi 15 min." marking ( in the measuring
cup q). Otherwise, the water could overflow and
then permeate into the interior of the appliance.
This could damage the appliance irreparably!
• Place the steam controller 4 on the water bowl 6
so that the handle 5 points to the front.
• Place the face mask 1 on the heating unit 9:
The lugs on the heating unit 9 must grip in the
recesses on the underside of the face mask 1.
Then turn the face mask 1 clockwise so that it
sits firmly on the heating unit 9.
• Insert the plug into a power socket.
The Facial Sauna is now ready for use.


This facial sauna may not be used if you suffer from
one of the following ailments:
• with acarodermatitis
• with erythrodermia
• with swellings in the facial area
• with heart illnesses
• with diabetes
• wounds in the facial area
• with eczema
• with psoriasis
Should you be pregnant or have other health issues,
consult your doctor before using the appliance.
Utilisation of the facial sauna prepares your skin
admirably for further treatments, for example deep
cleansing, moisture provision, face masks etc. The
steam invigorates the skin, opens the pores and
impurities can be better removed.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents