Cleaning And Care; Storage - Silvercrest SGS 80 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Facial sauna
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• Press both locking devices on the lid 2 of the aro-
ma and herb container 3 together and replace
it on the aroma and herb container 3. Release
the locking devices so that the lid 2 sits firmly.
• Now assemble the face mask 1 on the heating
unit 9 as described under "Preparing the facial
sauna for use".
The rising steam will now be directed through the
aroma and herb container 3 and thus takes on the

Cleaning and care

Before cleaning the appliance, remove the power
plug and allow it to cool down! Risk of injury!
The facial sauna should be thoroughly cleaned after
every usage. If you do not, microbes could quickly
develop in the warm moisture which, with further
utilisation of the appliance, could lead to negative
effects on ones health.
Do not use abrasive, aggressive or chemical cleaning
agents! These damage the surfaces of the appliance
and cause irreparable damage.
• Remove the face mask 1 from the heating unit 9:
Turn the face mask 1 anti-clockwise until it can
be lifted off.
• Lift the steam controller 4 from the heating unit 9.
• Remove the lid 2 from the aroma and herb con-
tainer 3:
For this, press the two locking devices together
until the lid 2 allows itself to be removed.
Clean the face mask 1, the lid 2 of the aroma and
herb container 3, the steam controller 4 and the
measuring cup q in a mild soapy solution. Rinse
them off with clear water and then dry them well.
Clean the heating unit 9 and the water bowl 6
with a lightly moistened cloth. For stubborn soiling
use a mild detergent on the cloth.
As soon as scale deposits form in the water bowl
6, clean the water bowl 6 with a commercially
available descaling agent that is suitable for alumi-
nium. Pay heed to the usage instructions for the des-
caling agent.
Reassemble the facial sauna after cleaning.


Allow the appliance to cool down and clean it
(see section "Cleaning and care").
Store the facial sauna at a clean, dry location.
Wind the power cable around the cable storage 0
on the underside of the appliance.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents