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Installation; Preparation; Safety; Installation Tools - GE Infinity M Series Installation Manual

High capacity with horizontal distribution, 13 u system with galaxy pulsar plus controller, 22u system with galaxy millennium ii controller, initial/supplemental frame, 22u system with supplemental frame and galaxy millennium ii controller
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NE-M Installation Guide


Follow all site engineering instructions. This section is provided only as a guide.



Read and follow all safety statements, warnings, and precautions in the Safety section of this manual and manuals of all
other equipment before installing, maintaining or repairing the equipment.

Installation Tools

You will need the following tools.
Wire cutters and strippers
Heat shrink gun
Digital meter with an accuracy of ±0.02%
Screw drivers (flat-blade and Phillips)
ESD wrist strap
24 or 48V test load
Calibrated clamp-on dc current meter (0.1 ADC
Torque wrench
Sockets -: SAE and metric
5/16", 7/16", 9/16", 19 mm, etc.

Equipment Identification

Identify the equipment you have received. Follow procedural steps which match the equipment being installed.
Issue 03 August 2017
12" extension for socket
Masonry drill kit as required
Compression tool for installation of various
compression lugs
Protective canvas
Insulating rubber mat
Standard insulated installation tools, screwdrivers,
Windows-based personal computer laptop (PC) and
cable to connect the PC communications port to
the local port of the controller or a CAT5 LAN cable.
(Optional. See the controller manual for more



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