Husqvarna Automower 310 Technical Manual

Husqvarna Automower 310 Technical Manual

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GARDE NA S I LE NO/S I LE NO+ R100Li, R100LiC , R1 30Li, R1 30LiC , R160Li
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Summary of Contents for Husqvarna Automower 310

  • Page 1 TEC H NICAL MANUAL H U SQVARNA AUTOMOWE R ® 310/31 5 GARDE NA S I LE NO/S I LE NO+ R100Li, R100LiC , R1 30Li, R1 30LiC , R160Li TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 1 2016-05-11 10:15:47...
  • Page 2 English - 2 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 2 2016-05-11 10:15:47...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    2 Special menu functions 2.1 Quick Info 2.2 Ascertain the PIN code 2.3 Tools menu 2.4 Main menu overview Husqvarna Automower® 310 / 315 2.5 Main menu overview GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li 2.6 Tools menu overview 2.7 Tools menu, functions 3 Installation 3.1 Charging station...
  • Page 4 Only use original spare parts. More support for dealers can be found at: Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify the design, appearance and function of products without prior notice. English - 4 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 4...
  • Page 5: Function

    1. FUNCTION 1 Function 1.1 Husqvarna Automower® 310/315, what is what? The numbers in the illustration represent: Body 21. Power supply (the appearance of the power supply may differ depending on market) Hatch to cutting height adjustment 22. Loop wire for boundary loop and guide wire* Hatch to display and keypad 23.
  • Page 6: Gardena R100Li, R100Lic,R130Li, R130Lic And R160Li, What Is What

    1. FUNCTION 1.2 GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li, what is what? The numbers in the illustration represent: Body 20. Power supply (the appearance of the power supply may differ depending on market) Hatch to cutting height adjustment 21. Loop wire for boundary loop and guide wire Hatch to display and keypad 22.
  • Page 7: Introduction

    1. FUNCTION 1.3 Introduction This Technical Manual contains important information about the Husqvarna Automower® 310/315, and GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC, R160Li robotic lawnmowers and their function, how to install them and a number of installation examples. It also contains information about special menu...
  • Page 8: Technical Data

    ***) uncertainties K 2-4 dB (A) Husqvarna AB does not guarantee full compatibility between the robotic lawnmower and other types of wireless systems such as remote controls, radio transmitters, hearing loops, underground electric animal fencing or similar. English - 8 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 8...
  • Page 9 1. FUNCTION Data GARDENA GARDENA GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC R130Li, R130LiC R160Li Dimensions ” ” ” Length 63 cm / 24.8 63 cm / 24.8 63 cm / 24.8 Width 51 cm / 20.1 ” 51 cm / 20.1 ” 51 cm / 20.1 ”...
  • Page 10: Software

    Quick Check and return to the main menu. It is important that the robotic lawnmower is programmed with the latest software versions. The Husqvarna is continuously improving the mower’s behaviour and performance, which results in new software versions.
  • Page 11: Mowing Technique

    There are many different types of blades and they are sold in various package sizes. Use only approved original blades from Husqvarna. From the start of 2011 these are marked with a Husqvarna symbol. English - 11 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 11...
  • Page 12 Spiral cutting (Only for Husqvarna Automower® 310/315) Sometimes the robotic lawnmower can change the mowing pattern and start to mow in a spiral pattern instead.
  • Page 13: The Loop System's Control Signals

    No loop signal message. • F signal (Only for Husqvarna Automower® 310/315) Remote signal from the charging station which is generated by a loop in the charging station plate. The F signal is used so that the mower knows that it is in the vicinity of the charging station.
  • Page 14: The Loop System's Status

    1. FUNCTION The robotic lawnmower cannot enter the charging station when there is no N signal. The mower will eventually stop and display the Low battery voltage fault message and the status LED in the charging station will flash in red. •...
  • Page 15 1. FUNCTION The strength of the A signal also varies along the boundary loop depending on the proximity to other parts of the loop. The strength of the signal is affected by the size of the working area, islands, headlands, passages and corners.
  • Page 16: Guide Loop

    The GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li always follow a guide wire to the charging station. Installing a guide wire is therefore mandatory. The Husqvarna Automower 310/315 can be set to ® search for the charging station in one or more of three different ways: Irregular, Follow boundary home and Follow guide home.
  • Page 17 1. FUNCTION and Follow guide home search methods can however give considerably shorter search times in more complex installations with areas divided by passages or openings. The robotic lawnmower always starts a search for the charging station using the Irregular method, on the condition that the delay times for the boundary wire or any of the guide wires are not set to 0 minutes.
  • Page 18: Automatic Detection Of Passages

    1.14 Battery The robotic lawnmower is equipped with a Li-Ion battery. Compared with a NiMH, for example, Li-Ion has very good properties, even at high ambient temperatures. Husqvarna The battery also has low self-discharge, i.e. it can remain Automower ®...
  • Page 19: Sensors

    1. FUNCTION 1.15 Sensors There are several types of sensors in the robotic lawnmower. The front collision sensor (1), rear collision sensor (2), tilt sensor (3) and lift sensors (4) have the task of protecting both mower and user. The rear (5) and front (6) loop sensors are used to control the mower within the working area, to position the mower when docking, tracking the guide wire, etc.
  • Page 20: Special Menu Functions

    2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2 Special menu functions 2.1 Quick Info Quick Info is a display mode where you can quickly see information about program versions, battery, loop signals, sensors and operating history. When the start page or the main menu is displayed: Press and hold down the 0 key for two seconds to access the “Quick Info”...
  • Page 21 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS • Software type: The model the main program is intended for e.g. 315. • MSW date: Date of issue of MSW, in the YYYY-MM-DD format. • HMI date: Date of issue of HMI, in the YYYY- MM-DD format.
  • Page 22 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS The Info - Loop - A signal display mode shows the A loop G, F, N Quality loop signal from the boundary loop measured through the loop sensors in the mower. The value should lie between approximately 40 and 320 to ensure good A-signal, front L functionality.
  • Page 23 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS • Tilted, X and Tilted, Y: When the robotic lawnmower is standing horizontally the value should be max ±3. Inclination up and to the left give negative values. • Normal position: YES indicates that the mower is standing in a normal position and NO indicates that the mower is upside down.
  • Page 24: Ascertain The Pin Code

    2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.1.4 Advanced Autopassage: ON/OFF Installation shape: Open, Normal, Complex Calibration: Guide calibration, Tilt calibration 2.2 Ascertain the PIN code If the PIN code for the robotic lawnmower is forgotten, the right code can be found out. In the input mode for PIN code PIN code, or when the main menu is displayed: Hold down the 9 key for five seconds, and a combination...
  • Page 25: Main Menu Overview Husqvarna Automower

    2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.4 Main menu overview Husqvarna Automower® 310 / 315 English - 25 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 25 2016-05-11 10:16:04...
  • Page 26: Main Menu Overview Gardena R100Li, R100Lic,R130Li, R130Lic And R160Li

    2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.5 Main menu overview GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li English - 26 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 26 2016-05-11 10:16:05...
  • Page 27: Tools Menu Overview

    2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.6 Tools menu overview English - 27 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 27 2016-05-11 10:16:06...
  • Page 28: Tools Menu, Functions

    2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.7 Tools menu, functions Via the Tools menu you can access data about the mower’s function, test functions and special settings. • Info Information about current status of software, sensors, battery, loop signal etc. • History, total Key data, which gives an overview of a mower’s age and function.
  • Page 29 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.7.2 History, total You can use the values shown in this sub-menu Key data Info to determine how well the mower has been working. When a value deviates from the norm, this may be due to an installation defect or a fault in the mower. Search times History, total The sub-menu consists of four part-menus that...
  • Page 30 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS Mow times Information about how long the mower has mowed, which is defined as the time the blade motor has been in operation. The list shown contains the times of the last 12 search occurrences measured in minutes. Battery capacity This part-menu contains information about the battery’s capacity.
  • Page 31 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.7.3 History, trip Key data Info History, trip means the same information as in History - Key data above. The difference is that in History, trip it is possible to reset all values, just as a trip meter in a car. Search times History, total Mow times...
  • Page 32 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS Note! If you have to help the wheel to go round by hand in order to get the wheel motor started and if the wheel motor stops as soon as the wheel is blocked, the fault lies in the main circuit board and not in the wheel motor.
  • Page 33 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS Charging station This function is used to quickly check that there is a signal for A, F, N and the Guide wires. The test also shows whether the mower is receiving a charge from the charging station. Place the mower in the charging station and start the test.
  • Page 34 2. SPECIAL MENU FUNCTIONS 2.7.6 Calibrate You can use this function to calibrate the tilt sensor and Calibrate tilt sensor Info guide wire. Calibrate guides History, total Calibrate tilt sensor To calibrate, i.e. reset the tilt sensor: Place the robotic History, trip lawnmower on a horizontal surface.
  • Page 35: Installation

    3. INSTALLATION 3 Installation 3.1 Charging station The placement of the charging station should be well planned in order to give the best installation and operation of the robotic lawnmower. See 3.2 Installation of the charging station in the Operator’s Manual.
  • Page 36: Boundary Loop

    3. INSTALLATION • Do not, under any circumstances, mount the power supply at a height where there is a risk it can be submerged in water (at least 30 cm / 12 ” from the ground). It is not permitted to place the power supply on the ground.
  • Page 37 3. INSTALLATION When burying, make a channel using a spade or an edge cutter, approximately 1-20 cm deep, around the entire garden. Place the wire in the channel and then press it closed with your feet. You can also cut a channel using for instance an edge cutting machine.
  • Page 38: Guide Wire

    3. INSTALLATION Now press down the button on top of the coupler fully. Use a polygrip as the button on the coupler is difficult to press down by hand. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Twisted cables, or screw terminal (chock- blocks), insulated with insulation tape are not satisfactory splices.
  • Page 39: Testing The Installation

    3. INSTALLATION • The robotic lawnmower follows the guide wire on the same side of the wire to and from the Maximum charging station. This means that the guide distance wire is to the right of the mower when the mower travels to the charging station while Min 30 cm it is to the left of the mower when the mower...
  • Page 40: Calibrate Guide

    Also enter How? (Only for Husqvarna Automower® 310/315), select Right, Left along the boundary loop, Guide. Select Installation - Lawn coverage - Overview - Test.
  • Page 41: One Robotic Lawnmower For Several Working Areas

    3.6 One robotic lawnmower for several working areas (Only for Husqvarna Automower® 315) The unique coupling between mower and charging station is saved in the profiles. This allows up to three different charging stations to be coupled to the same robotic lawnmower.
  • Page 42: Weather Timer / Sensor Control

    Slopes that exceed the specified 35 % for GARDENA R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li and 40 % for Husqvarna Automower® 310/315 slope can normally only be reached in very favourable conditions. One should not expect the mower to operate at all times in a working area with such steep inclines.
  • Page 43: New Loop Signal

    It does not affect the loop signal in any way, which the PIN code in Husqvarna G2 models does. In rare cases, there may be a reason to change the...
  • Page 44: Autocheck Experience, Service Program

    The robotic lawnmower is connected to the computer using a service cable. There are 2 different cables: • USB cable with service connector of a standard USB type for Husqvarna G3 models (e.g. Automower® 310/315 and GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li).
  • Page 45: Connection To The Robotic Lawnmower

    4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM When the installation has finished an Autocheck EXP menu will be created in the Start menu on your computer. A shortcut is also automatically created on the computer’s desktop. 4.1.2 Log in to Autocheck EXP Start the program by double clicking on the program icon on the desktop.
  • Page 46 4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM If the text Connected mower: None is displayed in the lower bar in Autocheck EXP, contact with the mower has not been established. If this is the case, check the following: • Check that cable is correctly connected both in the computer and in the mower.
  • Page 47: Use

    4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM 4.3 Use Autocheck EXP has been designed to be as self-instructional as possible. There are a lot of help texts and illustrations in the program to guide the user. The program’s main functions are grouped in a number of menus that are accessed via buttons in a list in the upper part of the program.
  • Page 48 4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM 4.3.1 Auto test In Auto test, a comprehensive test of the components in the robotic lawnmower is carried out. The test is semi- automatic, which means each component is started and stopped by the service program. Auto test is a suitable function to use for an overall review of the components, for example, in connection with winter service or to start troubleshooting.
  • Page 49 4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM 4.3.2 Manual test Every component in the robotic lawnmower can be tested in the manual test. The function consists of four parts: • Power/Motors • User interface • Sensors • Loop When using Manual test unlike Auto test, you have to start and stop the components you wish to test.
  • Page 50 4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM is used. Autocheck EXP itself checks which software is suitable for the connected mower. At times, there may be a need to answer questions to supplement the inspection. Read the questions carefully so that they are answered correctly.
  • Page 51 4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM There are three options when programming a new main circuit board: • Select mower from the log book This is the normal and safest choice. Select the relevant robotic lawnmower from the log book and the serial number and operating data will be transferred automatically to the new main circuit board.
  • Page 52 4. AUTOCHECK EXPERIENCE, SERVICE PROGRAM Note! Autocheck EXP saves the mower automatically to the log book as soon as the mower is connected to the program. No manual saving is needed and is consequently never carried out. In those cases where something is altered while the mower is connected to Autocheck EXP, an additional save to the log book is carried out when the mower is disconnected or when Autocheck EXP is turned off.
  • Page 53 There is a complete collection of documents for robotic lawnmowers from Husqvarna, with models from 2003 and later. Current service plans for many mower models are also here. Documents marked in red are newly added and unopened documents. On the right in the document tabs is a preview of the first page of selected documents.
  • Page 54: Repair Instructions

    All screws in the robotic lawnmower must be fitted using the correct tightening torque according to the values in Table 3: Screw fasteners on page 79. The repair instructions shows a Husqvarna Automower® 315, but are relevant also for 310 and GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC, R160Li.
  • Page 55: Design And Function

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.1 Design and function 5.1.1 Chassis and body The robotic lawnmower is structured mechanically around the following major components: • Body • Display cover • Chassis, upper section • Chassis, lower section There are two sealing strips between the upper and lower sections of the chassis, plus a sealing strip between the upper section of the chassis and the display cover.
  • Page 56 5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS subsequently become the conditions for the main circuit board to take into account in evaluating the sensor signals. The HMI circuit board also has the task of presenting information from the main circuit board to the display. The main circuit board and the HMI circuit board and the GARDENA Smart system board contain their own separate software.
  • Page 57 The battery is specially adapted to minimise disturbance to the loop sensors and is equipped with additional overload protection. Use only an original battery from the Husqvarna. The battery must not be mixed up with similar batteries used for instance with other GARDENA lawn care products.
  • Page 58 5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.1.7 Blade motor The blade motor is a very efficient brushless motor. The nominal speed is 2 300 rpm to achieve the optimal mowing result. The motor cannot be repaired and has to be replaced if it is faulty. 5.1.8 Wheel motors The two wheel motors are of the brushless DC motor type.
  • Page 59: Disassembling And Assembling The Robotic Lawnmower

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.2 Disassembling and assembling the robotic lawnmower IMPORTANT INFORMATION Clean any grass and dirt from the robotic lawnmower before you begin disassembling. 5.2.1 Disassembling the body The body is fitted to the chassis using 3 quick- mounted, snap-on brackets. The charging cable fastened to the body’s charging strip must be disconnected to be able to remove the body entirely from the chassis.
  • Page 60 5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Remove the guarantee seal at the point of separation between the chassis halves on the right-hand side.Carefully lift the back edge of the upper section of the chassis. Disconnect the HMI cable from the main circuit board and remove the upper section of the chassis.
  • Page 61 5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.2.4 Assembling the display cover IMPORTANT INFORMATION When assembling: Make sure parts are clean and that no cables will be pinched. An unsealed chassis can let in moisture, which can result in faults in the mower. Always use new sealing strips before putting the chassis halves or the display cover together.
  • Page 62 5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Automower® 310/315 and GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC,R130Li, R130LiC, R160Li have a 5 mm / 0.2 ” sealing strip, unlike for example models 220AC and 305, which have a 4 mm / 0.16 ” strip. IMPORTANT INFORMATION A 5 mm / 0.2 ” sealing strip must be used on Automower®...
  • Page 63: Disassembling The Charging Station

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.3 Disassembling the charging station Replacing the antenna plate in the charging station also requires that the charging tower is detached from the charging station (see points 6 and 7 below). To replace e.g. a circuit board or a contact strip, it is sufficient to remove the cover from the charging station.
  • Page 64: Replacing The Charging Strips

    Disconnect the battery connection from the main circuit board. Open the battery cover and remove the battery. Fit a new original battery from Husqvarna and connect it to the main circuit board. Assemble the mower in the reverse order for disassembly.
  • Page 65: Replacing The Battery On Gardena R100Li, R100Lic, R130Li, R130Lic And R160Li

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.7 Replacing the battery on GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC, R130Li, R130LiC and R160Li Unscrew the four screws to the battery cover (Torx 20) and remove the battery cover. Carefully lift out the battery and release the connectors. NOTE! Do not pull the cables. Hold the connectors and release the latch.
  • Page 66: Replacing The Gardena Smartsystem Board

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Connect the mower to Autocheck EXP and select Programming. The service programme will then ask for the mower’s serial number. Select the correct serial number in the log book. Autocheck EXP now automatically transfers the operating information saved in step 1.
  • Page 67: Replacing The Hmi Circuit Board

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.10 Replacing the HMI circuit board Disassemble the body. See 5.2.1 Disassembling the body on page 59. Disassemble the chassis. See 5.2.2 Disassembling the chassis on page 59. Disconnect all connections from the connectors on the HMI circuit board. The HMI circuit board is secured to the display cover by means of two snap-on fasteners.
  • Page 68: Replacing The Keypad

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.11 Replacing the keypad Disassemble the body. See 5.2.1 Disassembling the body on page 59. Disassemble the chassis. See 5.2.2 Disassembling the chassis on page 59. Disassemble the display cover. See 5.2.3 Disassembling the display cover on page 60.
  • Page 69: Replacing The Main Switch

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.12 Replacing the main switch Disassemble the body. See 5.2.1 Disassembling the body on page 59. Disassemble the chassis. See 5.2.2 Disassembling the chassis on page 59. Disassemble the main circuit board. See 5.8 Replacing the main circuit board on page 65.
  • Page 70: Replacing The Sensors

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS To change the filter: Remove the damaged filter. Clean thoroughly around the mounting surfaces. Apply the new filter, ensuring the adhesive surfaces fasten properly to the chassis. Refit the filter cover and body. 5.14 Replacing the sensors 5.14.1 Front loop sensors The front loop sensors are mounted on the front sensor circuit board.
  • Page 71 5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Disconnect the cable from the lift sensor circuit board. Note: Always pull the connector and NOT the cable. Remove the lift sensor circuit board by carefully bending up the snap-on fasteners and lifting out the sensor circuit board. Fit the new sensor circuit board and reconnect the cable.
  • Page 72: Replacing The Blade Motor

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.15 Replacing the blade motor Put the main switch in position 0. For Husqvarna Automower 310/315. ® Dismantle the skid plate, 3 screws (Torx 20). • Remove the bearing, 1 screw (socket head • Remove the blade disc, 3 screws (Torx 20).
  • Page 73: Replacing The Wheel Motor

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.16 Replacing the wheel motor Put the main switch in position 0. Disassemble the body. See 5.2.1 Disassembling the body on page 59. Disassemble the chassis. See 5.2.2 Disassembling the chassis on page 59. Disconnect the blade motor cable from the main board.
  • Page 74: Replacing The Front Collision Column / Lift Sensor

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.18 Replacing the front collision column / lift sensor Disassemble the body. See 5.2.1 Disassembling the body on page 59. Disassemble the chassis. See 5.2.2 Disassembling the chassis on page 59. Unscrew the three screws (Torx 20) securing the front collision brackets to the chassis.
  • Page 75: Changing And Regreasing Lower Front Wheel Bearing

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS To replace the sleeve for the lift sensor, the lift sensor circuit board must also be removed by bending the snap-on fastener. Refit all components, the chassis and body. 5.19 Changing and regreasing lower front wheel bearing Disassemble the body.
  • Page 76: Replacing The Main Circuit Board, Charging Station

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.20 Replacing the main circuit board, charging station Remove the cover from the charging station. See 5.3 Disassembling the charging station on page 63. Loosen all contacts from the circuit board. Snap off the circuit board from the charging tower by carefully turning back the locking edges.
  • Page 77: Assembling The Sealing Strip

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.22 Assembling the sealing strip Alternative 1 - Clockwise Start by laying one end of the sealing strip in line with the marking on the chassis. Continue laying the sealing strip clockwise around the chassis half. Lay the other end of the sealing strip above the first end and then out of the channel.
  • Page 78: Fitting Screws

    5. REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS 5.23 Fitting Screws It is extremely important how screws are mounted in plastic. If the screws are mounted incorrectly, there is a risk of damaging the threads in the plastic and thereby shortening the service life of the plastic part. If threads have been destroyed, the part must be replaced.
  • Page 79: Screw Fasteners

    All screws are made from stainless material or rustproofed with zinc plating. Article numbers are to be found in the separate Spare Parts List. Table 3: Screw fasteners Fastener Hardware Tool Tightening torque (Nm) Husqvarna GARDENA R100Li, Husqvarna Automower 310/315 ® Automower 310/315 R100LiC,R130Li, GARDENA R100Li, R100LiC, ® R130LiC, R160Li R130Li, R130LiC, R160Li...
  • Page 80: Troubleshooting

    6. TROUBLESHOOTING 6 Troubleshooting The troubleshooting section consists of two main areas: Messages Symptoms Each message and symptom is explained using one or more possible causes of the problem, followed by one or more solutions. First go through the basic and installation-related possible causes described in the following sections in this chapter. Before further troubleshooting and component replacement is carried out, also perform the following actions: Update the main program and the HMI program to the latest version.
  • Page 81: Messages

    Battery not connected Dismantle the mower and check that properly the battery is properly connected to its connector. Refer to ”Replacing the battery on Husqvarna Automower® 310/315” on page 64. Battery not correctly Dismantle the mower and check that connected or faulty the battery is properly connected to its connector.
  • Page 82 6. TROUBLESHOOTING 62/63 Temporary battery Battery temp sensor gives low Change battery. See 5.8 Replacing the or high temperature reading. Battery on page 58. problem Motors 20/21 Wheel motor blocked, Grass or other object has Check the drive wheel and remove any right/left wrapped around the drive objects.
  • Page 83 6. TROUBLESHOOTING Installation No loop signal Boundary wire broken. Check the signal given by the LED on the charging station. See 6.4 Troubleshooting the loop signal on page 90. The power supply is not Check the wall socket connection and connected.
  • Page 84 6. TROUBLESHOOTING Trapped The robotic lawnmower has Free the robotic lawnmower and rectify the got caught in something. reason for it becoming trapped. The robotic lawnmower Check if there are any obstacles which is stuck behind a number make it hard for the robotic lawnmower to of obstacles.
  • Page 85 6. TROUBLESHOOTING Internal diagnostics 18/19 Collision sensor The mower has become Free the robotic lawnmower and rectify the problem rear/front stuck. reason for it getting stuck. The body is not properly Check that the rubber dampers are secured in the rubber properly attached in the body and in the dampers.
  • Page 86 Thus, one cannot, for instance use an HMI circuit board in a Husqvarna 310 if it has previously been fitted to a Husqvarna 315. Charging station...
  • Page 87: Symptoms

    6. TROUBLESHOOTING Stuck in charging There is an object in the way Remove the object. of the robotic lawnmower station preventing it from leaving the charging station. The robotic lawnmower slides Clean the antenna plate. on the charging station’s antenna plate. Charging current too The battery is being charged Fault in the power supply or wrong type of...
  • Page 88 6. TROUBLESHOOTING The robotic lawnmower The robotic lawnmower clock Set the clock. See the Operator’s Manual. runs at the wrong time needs to be set. The start and stop times for Adjust the start and stop time setting for mowing are incorrect. mowing.
  • Page 89 6. TROUBLESHOOTING 6.2.3 Symptoms during docking Table 7: Symptoms during docking Symptom Cause Action The robotic Dirt/leaves/grass have Clean the charging station. lawnmower detects accumulated in the charging the F signal, but station and are preventing the cannot dock mower’s charging strip from making contact with the charging station’s charging strip.
  • Page 90: Loop Signal

    6. TROUBLESHOOTING 6.2.5 Miscellaneous symptoms Table 9: Miscellaneous symptoms Symptom Cause Action The display’s backlighting The main circuit board Reprogram the main circuit board using is lit but operating the is faulty. Autocheck EXP. See 4.3.4 Programming on keypad and the main page 49.
  • Page 91 6. TROUBLESHOOTING 6.4.1 Solid green light The LED in the charging station is solid green, but neither the front or rear loop sensor detects any loop signal: Generate a new loop signal. See 3.10 New loop signal on page 43. The connection between the charging station and the mower is restored.
  • Page 92: Finding A Break In The Boundary Loop

    A wire break can be found by using Husqvarna’s break detection tool or with the manual method that is described below. A description of how the break detection tool is used is available in a separate service bulletin.
  • Page 93 6. TROUBLESHOOTING Check that the LED in the charging station flashes blue, which indicates a break in the boundary loop. For further information about the charging station’s LED, see 6.4 Troubleshooting the loop signal on page 90. Check that the boundary wire connections to the charging station are properly connected and not damaged.
  • Page 94: Battery Test

    The damaged section can be cut out if it is possible to shorten the boundary wire. Use only original couplers from the Husqvarna. 6.6 Battery test If the mower’s battery starts to perform poorly, the robotic lawnmower will mow for shorter time periods.
  • Page 95 6. TROUBLESHOOTING Allow the robotic lawnmower to mow in manual operating mode until the battery is completely flat. The mower should have a low level of cutting resistance during the battery test. The cutting height should therefore be set to maximum. When the battery has run down the mower stops.
  • Page 96: Maintenance And Service

    7. MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE 7 Maintenance and service 7.1 Cleaning Clean the body, display cover and chassis regularly. The best way to clean the body is with a damp sponge or cloth. The underside of the body, wheels and blade disc are best cleaned with a brush (for example, a washing-up brush).
  • Page 97 If the charging station is stored indoors it is important to remember to protect the ends of the boundary wire from moisture by placing them, for example, in a coupler from Husqvarna. English - 97 TH_1158203_310_315_GARDENA_US.indd 97 2016-05-11 10:16:49...
  • Page 98: Service Schedule

    Check the blades and blade screws. Check the skid plate and skid Make sure the skid plate can rotate freely plate bearing. (Only for Husqvarna and that the ball bearing does not make a Automower® 310/315) noise. Clean the charging station.
  • Page 99 7. MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE Charge the battery full. Always charge the battery fully before winter storage. If this is not done, the battery may be rendered useless due to voltage levels dropping too low. Charging the battery fully before winter storage means it does not require maintenance charging during the winter.
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