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The Loop System's Control Signals - Husqvarna Automower 310 Technical Manual

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1.7 The loop system's control
The loop system consists of a boundary wire and guide
wires connected to the charging station. Together they
essentially comprise four different signals:
A signal
F signal
N signal
Guide signal
To check the A, F and Guide signals, see the 2.3 Tools
menu on page 24.
A signal
The signal that the charging station transmits
over the loop and which sets the boundaries
for the working area for the robotic lawnmower.
Coded information is transmitted via the A signal
to the mower. If there is no A signal, for example
due to a break in the boundary loop or in the
power supply to the charging station, the robotic
lawnmower stops and displays the No loop signal
F signal
(Only for Husqvarna Automower® 310/315)
Remote signal from the charging station which is
generated by a loop in the charging station plate.
The F signal is used so that the mower knows
that it is in the vicinity of the charging station.
There may be reasons to reduce the range
of the charging station in rare cases. It may be
necessary if for instance the charging station
is placed close to a bush or wall which prevents
the robotic lawnmower from docking with the
charging station despite making contact with the
charging station's signals. The setting is made
via Installation - Find charging station - Charger.
The following ranges apply for each setting.
Min, m / inch
Medium, m / inch approx. 3 - 4 / 9.8 - 13.1
Max, m / inch
N signal
The near signal from the charging station
which reaches about 1 m / 0.04 ft. The signal
is generated by a loop in the charging station
plate. The N signal guides the robotic lawnmower
correctly into the charging station, so that the
charging strips and contact strips make contact.
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