Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 Operator's Manual

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Operator's manual
EN, English
Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you
understand the instructions before you use the product.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310

  • Page 1 Operator's manual ® HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 310/315/315X EN, English Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you understand the instructions before you use the product.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 6.1 Introduction - troubleshooting......37 1 Introduction 6.2 Fault messages...........37 1.1 Introduction............3 6.3 Information messages.........41 ® 1.2 Product overview Automower 310/315/315X..4 6.4 Indicator lamp in the charging station....42 1.3 Symbols on the product........5 6.5 Symptoms............43 1.4 Symbols on the display......... 5 6.6 Find breaks in the loop wire........
  • Page 3: Introduction

    PIN code: The serial number is on the product rating plate and on the product carton. • Use the serial number to register your product on 1.1.1 Support The operator selects the operation settings with the keys For support about the product, speak to your Husqvarna on the keypad.
  • Page 4: Product Overview Automower ® 310/315/315X

    ® 1.2 Product overview Automower 310/315/315X Automower® 310/315 Automower® 315X The numbers in the figure represent: 13. Rating plate (incl. product identification code) 14. Display Body 15. Keypad Hatch to cutting height adjustment 16. Cutting system Hatch to display and keypad 17.
  • Page 5: Symbols On The Product

    26. Connector for the loop wire The chassis contains components which 27. Screws for securing the charging station are sensitive to electrostatic discharge 28. Measurement gauge for help when installing the (ESD). The chassis must also be resealed boundary wire (the measurement gauge is broken in a professional manner.
  • Page 6: Symbols On The Battery

    The schedule is set for the product to not The GPS-supported navigation is not cut the grass. ® active. Automower 315X 1.5 Symbols on the battery The product overrides the schedule. Read the user instructions. The battery indicator shows the charge level of the battery.
  • Page 7: Menu Structure Overview - 1

    1.7 Menu structure overview - 1 Schedule Overview/Monday Period 1 Period 2 Copy Reset Current All week days Security Advanced Security level New loop Change Duration Medium High signal PIN code Duration Duration of alarm of time lock Messages Fault Info messages messages...
  • Page 8: Menu Structure Overview - 2

    1.8 Menu structure overview - 2 Installation Lawn Find charging station Advanced coverage Guide Boundary Charger GPS Auto*** Charging Area 1-3 station range Disable More Delay Disable More Delay time time Test Reset Test Test Reset guide right left How? Disable More Corridor...
  • Page 9: Display

    1.9 Display The display on the product shows information and settings of the product. To access the display, push the STOP button. 1.10 Keypad Use the keypad on the product to navigate in the menu. To access the keypad, push the STOP button. •...
  • Page 10: Safety

    2 Safety 2.1 Safety information 2.1.1 IMPORTANT. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USE. KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE The operator is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or property. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities (that could affect a safe handling of the product), or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person...
  • Page 11: Safety Definitions

    The appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains when removing the battery. WARNING: The product CAUTION: Used if there is a risk of damage to the product, other materials or can be dangerous if used the adjacent area if the instructions in the manual are not obeyed.
  • Page 12 ® • Husqvarna does not guarantee full compatibility • It is not permitted to modify the original design of between the product and other types of wireless the product. All modifications are made at your systems such as remote controls, radio own risk.
  • Page 13 CAUTION: Never use a high-pressure washer or even running water to clean the product. Never use solvents for cleaning. Inspect the product weekly and replace any damaged or Maintenance on page 35 . worn parts. Refer to 2.3.5 In the event of a thunderstorm Set the main switch in position Carry the product by the handle with the blade disc away from the body.
  • Page 14: Installation

    When the product has cut the grass for some time, the perceived sound level is much lower. Note: Refer to for more information about installation. 3.4 Before the installation of the wires You can select to attach the wires with stakes or bury 3.2 Main components for installation...
  • Page 15 3.4.3 To examine where to put the • Put the charging station in an area with protection from the sun. boundary wire • If the charging station is installed on an island, make sure to connect the guide wire to the island. CAUTION: There must be a barrier of To make an island on page 17 .
  • Page 16 " 10 cm / 4 " max 1 cm / 0.4 • If you have a paving stone path that is in level with the lawn, put the boundary wire below the paving stone. Note: If the paving stone is minimum 30 cm / 12 Drive Past in.
  • Page 17 To make an island CAUTION: Do not put a section of boundary wire across the other. The >10% 0-25% sections of boundary wire must be parallel. CAUTION: Do not put the guide wire across the boundary wire. CAUTION: Isolate or remove obstacles •...
  • Page 18 3.4.4 To examine where to put the guide wire • Put the guide wire in a line at a minimum of 2 m / 6.5 ft. in front of the charging station. • Make as much free area as possible to the left of the guide wire when facing the charging station.
  • Page 19: Installation Of The Product

    20 . The product is only to be used with the power supply unit supplied by Connect the low-voltage cable to the charging Husqvarna. station. Put the power supply at a minimum height of 30 cm / 12 in. 1440 - 004 - 24.03.2021...
  • Page 20 min 30 cm / 12” Cut the boundary wire 1-2 cm / 0.4-0.8 in. above each connector. Connect the power supply cable to a 100-240V Push the right connector onto the metal pin on the power outlet. charging station with the mark "AR". Note: When the charging station is connected, it Push the left connector onto the metal pin on the...
  • Page 21: To Put The Wire Into Position With Stakes

    3.7 To bury the boundary wire or the Put the 2 ends of the boundary wire and the end of the guide wire into the coupler. guide wire Note: Make sure that you can see the ends • Cut a groove in the ground with an edge cutter or a of the wires through the transparent area of straight shovel.
  • Page 22: Product Settings

    Download the Automower ® Connect app on your 3.9.3 Calibration mobile device. Sign up for a Husqvarna account in the The calibration process is automatic. After the basic ® Automower Connect app. settings are done, the product moves away from the charging station and stops, while it calibrates some of An e-mail is sent to the registered e-mail address.
  • Page 23: Product Settings With Keypad And Display

    ® Follow the instructions in the Automower Connect To set the schedule app. Do steps 1–3 in To get access to the menu in the display of the product on page 23 . ® 3.11.3 To pair Automower Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to move Connect@Home and the product Schedule >...
  • Page 24 Time lock - The product locks if the PIN-code has To copy the schedule setting • not been entered in 30 days. Enter the PIN-code to Do steps 1–3 in To get access to the menu in the get access to the product. display of the product on page 23 .
  • Page 25 To change the duration of the time lock Note: Weather timer is reset if the product does not Do steps 1–3 in To get access to the menu in the Reset of all user operate for more than 50 hours, or if a display of the product on page 23 .
  • Page 26 Area A, approximately 50% Push the OK button. Use the number buttons to select the percentage Area B, approximately 30% of the cutting time the product must cut the area. Area C, approximately 20% The percentage is equal to the area in relation to the complete work area.
  • Page 27 Push the OK button. Push the OK button. Push the BACK button. 10. Push the START button and close the hatch. To reset the Lawn Coverage settings To do a test of the guide wire You can reset the Lawn Coverage settings for each area Do steps 1–3 in To get access to the menu in the and use the factory setting.
  • Page 28 Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to move Note: It is usually better to move the charging station, through the menu structure Installation > Advanced than to decrease the range of the charging station > Exit angles > Sector 1 . signal.
  • Page 29 Profiles Note: ECO mode to save energy and avoid With the function Profiles, different sets of product interference with other equipment, for example hearing settings can be saved. This can be used when one loops or garage doors. product is used for more than one work areas and charging stations.
  • Page 30 Use the arrow buttons to set the date format and then push the BACK button. This menu handles accessories mounted on the product. Contact your local Husqvarna representative for To set the language more information on available accessories. To get access to the menu in the Do steps 1–3 in...
  • Page 31 The product must specify APN settings to be able to use display of the product on page 23 . and send data via the mobile net. Settings for Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to move Husqvarna SIM is default. Accessories > through the menu structure ®...
  • Page 32: Operation

    4 Operation 4.1 Main switch Push the OK button. Close the hatch on the product. WARNING: Read the safety Note: instructions carefully before you start the If the product is parked in the charging station, product. the product will start to operate when the battery is fully charged and if the Schedule settings is set for operation.
  • Page 33: To Park The Product

    Spot manually to the selected area before you start the cutting operating mode. Note: After the product has operated in the operating Spot cutting , it will automatically start to cut in the mode Main area or Secondary area . operating mode 4.3 To park the product 4.6 To charge the battery...
  • Page 34 Turn the cutting height adjustment knob on the product to select a cutting height. • Turn clockwise to increase the cutting height. • Turn counter-clockwise to decrease the cutting height. Close the hatch on the product. 34 - Operation 1440 - 004 - 24.03.2021...
  • Page 35: Maintenance

    The product does not operate satisfactorily in slopes if the wheels are blocked with grass. Use a soft brush to clean the product. Husqvarna recommends to use a special cleaning and maintenance kit, available as accessory. Speak to your Husqvarna representative for more information.
  • Page 36: Replace The Blades

    5.5 Winter service Turn the product upside down. Put the product on a soft and clean surface to avoid scratching the Take your product to your Husqvarna central service for product. service prior to winter storage. Regular winter service Rotate the skid plate so that its holes align with the will maintain the product in good condition and create screws for the blade.
  • Page 37: Introduction - Troubleshooting

    In this chapter you can find information and help about faults and symptoms of the product. You can find more information and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on 6.2 Fault messages The fault messages in the table below are shown in the display of the product. Speak to your Husqvarna representative if the same message shows frequently. Message...
  • Page 38 Message Cause Action Wheel motor Grass or other object is wrapped around the Clean the wheels and around the wheels. blocked, left/right drive wheel. Wheel motor overloa- ded, left/right Wheel drive problem, right/left Cutting system Grass or other object is wrapped around the Clean the wheels and around the wheels.
  • Page 39 Message Cause Action Battery problem Temporary battery or firmware related issue Restart the product. If the problem stays in the product. speak to your authorized service technician. Incorrect type of battery. Use original batteries recommended by the manufacturer. Battery temperature The temperature in the battery is too high or No action.
  • Page 40 Message Cause Action Charging current too Wrong or faulty power supply unit. Restart the product. If the problem stays high speak to your authorized service technician. Mower tilted The product is tilted more than the maximum Move the product to a flat area. angle.
  • Page 41: Information Messages

    6.3 Information messages The information messages in the table below are shown in the display of the product. Speak to your Husqvarna representative if the same message shows frequently. Message Cause Action Low battery The product cannot find the charging station.
  • Page 42: Indicator Lamp In The Charging Station

    The indicator lamp in the charging station must show a solid or flashing green light for a correct installation. If not, follow the instructions in the troubleshooting guide below. Speak to your Husqvarna customer service for more information. Light Cause...
  • Page 43: Symptoms

    6.5 Symptoms If the product does not operate as usual, follow the symptoms table below. Speak to your Husqvarna customer service if you cannot find the cause for the fault. Symptoms Cause Action The product has diffi- The guide wire is not put straight in a line...
  • Page 44: Find Breaks In The Loop Wire

    Symptoms Cause Action Make an estimate of the The product is The product has operated the maximum cut- No action. Refer to necessary operating time on page 23 . parked for hours in ting time for the day. the charging station. The hatch is closed but the START button is Push the STOP button to open the hatch.
  • Page 45 POWER GUIDE Switch the connections between the guide wire and the boundary wire in the charging station. Start by switching connection AL and GUIDE. If the indicator lamp has a solid green light, then the break is somewhere on the boundary wire between AL and the point where the guide wire is connected to the boundary wire (thick black line in the illustration).
  • Page 46 Continue until only a very short section of the wire remains which is the difference between a solid green light and a flashing blue light. Then follow instruction in step 5 below. If indicator lamp still flashes blue in step 3 above: Put AL and GUIDE back in their original positions.
  • Page 47: Transportation, Storage And Disposal

    CAUTION: Only remove the battery when you dispose the product. When you remove the warranty seal, the Husqvarna warranty is no longer applicable. Disconnect the product with the Main switch. Refer To switch off the product on page 33 .
  • Page 48: Technical Data

    8 Technical data 8.1 Technical data ® ® ® Dimensions Automower Automower Automower 315X Length, cm / in. 63 / 24.8 63 / 24.8 63 / 24.8 Width, cm / in. 51 / 20.1 51 / 20.1 51 / 20.1 Height, cm / in.
  • Page 49 ® ® ® Sound level Automower Automower Automower 315X Measured sound power noise level, dB (A) Noise emissions uncertainties, KWA dB (A) Guaranteed sound power noise level, dB (A) Sound pressure noise level at the op- erator’s ear, dB (A) The noise emission declarations conforms to EN 50636-2-107:2015 ®...
  • Page 50: Registered Trademarks

    Connect 4G Power Class 3 23 dBm Husqvarna AB does not guarantee full compatibility between the product and other types of wireless systems such as remote controls, radio transmitters, hearing loops, underground electric animal fencing or similar. Product The products are made in England or the Czech Republic. See information on the rating plate. Refer to ®...
  • Page 51: Warranty

    The blades and wheels are seen as disposable and are not covered by the warranty. If an error occurs with your Husqvarna product, please contact Husqvarna customer service for further instructions. Please have the receipt and the product’s serial number at hand when contacting Husqvarna customer service.
  • Page 52 AUTOMOWER ® is a trademark owned by Husqvarna AB. © Copyright 2021 HUSQVARNA. All rights reserved. Original instructions 1142328-26 2021-03-31...

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