Husqvarna Automower 310 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna Automower 310 Operator's Manual

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Operator's manual
EN, English
Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you
understand the instructions before you use the product.


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Summary of Contents for Husqvarna Automower 310

  • Page 1 Operator's manual ® HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 310/315/315X EN, English Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure that you understand the instructions before you use the product.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Introduction 6 Troubleshooting 1.1 Support............3 6.1 Introduction - troubleshooting....41 1.2 Product description........3 6.2 Fault messages........41 1.3 Product overview ........4 6.3 Information messages......46 1.4 Symbols on the product......5 6.4 Indicator lamp in the charging station..47 1.5 Symbols on the display......6 6.5 Symptoms..........
  • Page 3: Introduction

    PIN code: The serial number is on the product rating plate and on the product carton. • Use the serial number to register your product on 1.1 Support The operator selects the operation settings with the keys on the keypad. The display shows the...
  • Page 4: Product Overview

    1.3 Product overview Automower® 310/315 Automower® 315X The numbers in the figure represent: 13. Rating plate (incl. product identification code) Body 14. Display Hatch to cutting height adjustment 15. Keypad Hatch to display and keypad 16. Cutting system Stop button 17.
  • Page 5: Symbols On The Product

    23. Loop wire for boundary loop and guide wire WARNING: Read the user instructions before 24. Couplers for loop wire operating the product. 25. Stakes 26. Connector for the loop wire WARNING: Operate the 27. Screws for securing the charging station disabling device before 28.
  • Page 6: Symbols On The Display

    It is not permitted to dispose this The settings function is where the product as normal household waste. general settings for the products are Ensure that the product is recycled in set. accordance with local legal requirements. The accessories function is where all settings for the accessories for the The chassis contains components product are set.
  • Page 7 Do not discard the battery into fire and do not expose the battery to a heat Do not immerse the battery into water. source. 1220 - 001 - Introduction - 7...
  • Page 8: Menu Structure Overview - 1

    1.7 Menu structure overview - 1 Timer Overview/Monday Period 1 Period 2 Copy Reset Current All week days Security Advanced Security level New loop Change Duration Medium High signal PIN code Duration Duration of alarm of time lock Messages Fault Info messages messages...
  • Page 9: Menu Structure Overview - 2

    1.8 Menu structure overview - 2 Installation Lawn Find charging station Advanced coverage Guide Boundary Charger GPS Auto*** Charging Area 1-3 station range Delay Delay Disable More Disable More time time Test Reset Test Test Reset guide right left How? Disable More Corridor...
  • Page 10: Display

    1.9 Display The display on the product shows information and settings of the product. To access the display, push the STOP button. 1.10 Keypad The keypad on the product let the operator navigate in the menu of the product. To access the keypad, push the STOP button.
  • Page 11: Safety

    2 Safety 2.1 Safety definitions 2.2 General safety instructions Warnings, cautions and notes are used to point The following system is used in the Operator’s out specially important parts of the manual. Manual to make it easier to use: italics is a text that is shown •...
  • Page 12 2.2.1 IMPORTANT. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USE. KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE The operator is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or property. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including chil- dren) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities (that could affect a safe handling of the product), or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or in- struction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible...
  • Page 13: Safety Instructions For Operation

    WARNING: The product Warning! Automatic lawnmower! Keep away from the machine! Supervise children! can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Warning! WARNING: Do not use Automatic lawnmower! Keep away from the machine! the product when Supervise children! persons, especially children, or animals, are in the work area.
  • Page 14 To set the timer run simultaneously. Refer to on page 24 . • Husqvarna does not guarantee full compatibility between the product and other types of wireless systems such as remote controls, radio transmitters, hearing loops, underground electric animal fencing or similar.
  • Page 15 2.3.5 In the event of a thunderstorm CAUTION: Do not lift the product when it is parked in the charging station. It can damage the charging station and/or the product. Press the STOP button and pull the product out of the To reduce the risk of damage to electrical charging station before lifting it.
  • Page 16: Installation

    • Put the charging station on a level surface. Note: Refer to for more information about installation. max. 5 cm / 2" 3.2 Before the installation of the wires max. 5 cm / 2"...
  • Page 17 3.3.2 To examine where to put the power recommended to make an eyelet where the guide wire will be connected. Make the eyelet with supply approximately 20 cm / 8 in. of the boundary wire. • Put the power supply in an area with a roof and protection from the sun and rain.
  • Page 18 0-15% 0-15 cm / 0-6" 100 cm / 40" 35 cm / 14" > 5 cm/>2" • For slopes steeper than 25% inside the work area, isolate the slope with boundary wire. • Put the boundary wire 30 cm / 12 in. (C) •...
  • Page 19 0 cm / 0" CAUTION: Do not put a section of • Put the boundary wire around the secondary boundary wire across the other. area (B) to make an island. Refer to The sections of boundary wire make an island on page 18 . must be parallel.
  • Page 20 To set the corridor width of the guide wire 3.3.5 Work area examples on page 20 . • Put the guide wire minimum 30 cm / 12 in. from the boundary wire. • Do not make sharp bends when you install the guide wire.
  • Page 21: Installation Of The Product

    CAUTION: The product is only to be used with the power supply CAUTION: Do not put unwanted unit supplied by Husqvarna. wire in a coil. The coil causes interference with the product. WARNING: Do not put the power...
  • Page 22: To Put The Wire Into Position With Stakes

    Push the left connector onto the metal pin cause the wire to oxidize and on the charging station with the mark "AL". after a time result in a broken circuit. Put the cable mark on the left and right boundary wire. 10.
  • Page 23: After The Installation Of The Product

    Note: Make sure that you can see the ends Note: Some models require a factory PIN code of the boundary wire or the guide wire before the selection of personal PIN code. through the transparent area of the coupler. Note: Use the MEMO page at the beginning of Push the button on the coupler with an the manual to make a note of the PIN code.
  • Page 24 500 m / 56 ≈ 9 h. To reset the timer setting You can remove all timer settings and use the 600 yd / 0.01 ≈ 9 h. factory setting. The factory timer setting lets the product to operate all hours of each day of the Days / h / day Timer settings...
  • Page 25 To get access to the menu Do steps 1–3 in The Weather timer automatically adjust the on page 23 . cutting time to the growth of the grass. The product is not permitted to operate more than the Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to timer settings.
  • Page 26 Push the BACK button. To set the Lawn coverage function To get access to the menu Do steps 1–3 in on page 23 . Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to Installation move through the menu structure >...
  • Page 27 To do a test of the Lawn coverage To reset the Lawn coverage settings function Lawn coverage settings for You can reset the each area and use the factory setting. Put the product in the charging station. To get access to the menu on Do step 1-3 in To get access to the menu Do steps 1–3 in...
  • Page 28 > To find the charging station > Overview of Make sure the product follows the guide wire search methods > Guide . to the charging station. Push the arrow buttons to select 1 of the Make sure the product docks with the guide wires.
  • Page 29 To get access to the menu Do steps 1-3 in To change the name of a profile on page 23 . Do steps 1–3 in To get access to the menu on page 23 . Use the arrow button and the OK button to Installation move through the menu structure Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to...
  • Page 30 Spiral Cutting Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to move through the menu structure Settings > The product cuts the grass in a spiral pattern if General > Time & Date . Spiral cutting can the grass is longer in an area. be set in 5 levels: Use the number buttons to set the time and then push the BACK button.
  • Page 31 Connect app on To get access to the menu Do steps 1–3 in your mobile device. on page 23 . Sign up for a Husqvarna account in the Use the arrow buttons and the OK button to ® Automower Connect app.
  • Page 32 The product must specify APN settings to be able function to use and send data via the mobile net. Settings Put the product in the center of the work for Husqvarna SIM is default. area. Headlights To get access to the menu Do steps 1–3 in...
  • Page 33 ™ information about Husqvarna Fleet Services applications. refer to The product can connect to mobile devices that To connect to the product with Husqvarna Fleet ® have the Automower Connect app installed. Services ®...
  • Page 34: Operation

    4 Operation 4.1 Main switch WARNING: Read the safety instructions carefully before you start the product. WARNING: Keep your hands and feet away from the rotating blades. Never put your hands or feet close to or under the product when the motor is running.
  • Page 35: Operating Mode - Park

    4.5 To stop the product Note: It is recommended to change the operation Main area before you put the product selection to Press the STOP button on top of the in the charging station. product. The product stops and the blade motor stops. 4.3.3 Override timer The timer settings can be temporarily overridden Override timer .
  • Page 36: To Charge The Battery

    4.7.1 Example 1 The product operates between and 16:00. It starts again at but stops at 22:00 due to standby This example is applicable to products with a mode until it starts again at . specified work area of 500 m , but the principle is the same for the other models.
  • Page 37: Adjust The Cutting Height

    4.9 Adjust the cutting height The cutting height can be varied from MIN (2 cm / 0.8 in.) to MAX (6 cm / 2.4 in.). CAUTION: During the first weeks after a new installation, the cutting height must be set to MAX to avoid damaging the loop wire.
  • Page 38: Maintenance

    It is docking. recommended to clean using a brush. WARNING: Use the plug to disconnect Husqvarna offers a special cleaning and the charging station before any maintenance kit as an accessory. Contact your maintenance, or cleaning of charging Husqvarna central service.
  • Page 39: Replace The Blades

    5.3 Replace the blades WARNING: Use blades and screws of the right type. Husqvarna can only guarantee safety when using original blades. Only replacing the blades and reusing the screw can result in a screw wearing during mowing. The blades can then be propelled from under the body and cause serious injury.
  • Page 40: Winter Service

    Contact your local Husqvarna representative to replace the battery. 5.5 Winter service Take your product to your local Husqvarna representative for service prior to winter storage. Regular winter service will maintain the product in good condition and create the best conditions for a new season without any disruptions.
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    6.2 Fault messages Below a number of fault messages are listed which may be shown in the product display. Contact your local Husqvarna representative if the same message appears often. Message Cause Action...
  • Page 42 Message Cause Action No loop signal The boundary wire is crossed on its Check that the boundary wire is laid ac- way to and from an island. cording to instructions, e.g. in the right direction around the island. Refer to install the boundary wire on page 21 .
  • Page 43 Wrong PIN code Wrong PIN code has been entered. Enter the correct PIN code. Contact Five attempts are permitted, and the your local Husqvarna representative if keypad is then blocked for five minutes. you forget the PIN code. No drive The product is caught in something.
  • Page 44 Message Cause Action Next start hh:mm The timer setting prevents the product Change the timer settings. Refer to set the timer on page 24 . from operating. The rest period is in progress. The This behavior is normal and no action product has an inbuilt standby period is required.
  • Page 45 Message Cause Action Temporary battery Temporary battery or firmware related Restart the product. problem issue. Disconnect and reconnect the battery. Battery problem If the problem remains, the message requires action by authorized service technician. Charging current Wrong or faulty power supply unit. Restart the product.
  • Page 46: Information Messages

    6.3 Information messages Below a number of information messages are listed which may be shown in the product display. Contact your local Husqvarna representative if the same message appears often. Message Cause Action Low battery The product cannot find the charging Check that the charging station and the station.
  • Page 47: Indicator Lamp In The Charging Station

    For a fully functional installation, the indicator lamp in the charging station must emit a solid or flashing green light. If something else appears, follow the troubleshooting guide below. There is more help on If you still need help, please contact your local Husqvarna representative.
  • Page 48: Symptoms

    If your product does not work as expected, follow the symptoms guide below. There is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on which provides more detailed answers to a number of standard questions. Contact your local Husqvarna representative if you still cannot find the reason for the fault.
  • Page 49: Find Breaks In The Loop Wire

    Symptoms Cause Action Battery Both the mowing The battery is spent. Replace the battery. Refer to on page 39 . and charging times are shorter than usual. The product is The product has an inbuilt standby peri- No action. parked for hours in od according to the Standby time table.
  • Page 50 done. A faulty splice can, for example, be the boundary wire between AL and the point result of the original coupler not being pressed where the guide wire is connected to the together hard enough with a pair of pliers, or that boundary wire (thick black line in the a coupler of lower quality than the original illustration).
  • Page 51 Continue until only a very short section of the wire remains which is the difference between a solid green light and a flashing blue light. Then follow instruction in step 5 below. If indicator lamp still flashes blue in step 3 above: Put AL and G1 back in their original positions.
  • Page 52: Transportation, Storage And Disposal

    Keep the product in a dry, frost free space. chassis. • Keep the product with all wheels on level Disconnect the cable from the main circuit ground during storage, or use a Husqvarna board. wall hanger. Remove the top section of the chassis. •...
  • Page 53: Technical Data

    8 Technical data 8.1 Technical data ® ® ® Dimensions Automower Automower Automower 315X Length, cm / in. 63 / 24.8 63 / 24.8 63 / 24.8 Width, cm / in. 51 / 20.1 51 / 20.1 51 / 20.1 Height, cm / in.
  • Page 54 ® ® ® Noise emissions measured in Automower Automower Automower 315X the environment as sound pow- Measured sound power noise level, dB (A) Guaranteed sound power noise level, dB (A) Sound pressure noise level at the operator’s ear, dB (A) The noise emission declarations conforms to EN 50636-2-107:2015 ®...
  • Page 55: Registered Trademarks

    Power Class 1 (for 30 dBm DCS/PCS) Husqvarna AB does not guarantee full compatibility between the product and other types of wireless systems such as remote controls, radio transmitters, hearing loops, underground electric animal fencing or similar. The products are made in England or the Czech Republic. See information on the rating plate. Refer to Introduction on page 3 .
  • Page 56: Warranty

    The blades and wheels are seen as disposable and are not covered by the warranty. If an error occurs with your Husqvarna product, please contact Husqvarna customer service for further instructions. Please have the receipt and the product’s serial number at hand when contacting Husqvarna customer service.
  • Page 57: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    10 EC Declaration of Conformity 10.1 EC Declaration of Conformity • EN 61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011 ® For Husqvarna Automower 310, Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, ® Husqvarna Automower 315 and Husqvarna tel: +46-36-146500, declares that the Husqvarna ® ® ® Automower...
  • Page 58 58 - EC Declaration of Conformity 1220 - 001 -...
  • Page 59 1220 - 001 - EC Declaration of Conformity - 59...
  • Page 60 ® AUTOMOWER is a trademark owned by Husqvarna AB. © Copyright 2019 HUSQVARNA. All rights reserved. Original instructions 1141544-26 2019-07-08...

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