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General Information - Philips Carin 522 User Manual

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With the CARiN Navigation System you have purchased a powerful tool to assist
the driver in daily traffic. By automatic route planning and guidance you can
concentrate on the essential things in today's growing traffic – especially in
congested areas. Complicated and time-consuming planning with conventional
city and road maps is no longer required.
You simply enter the destination before driving off, activate "Guidance" and
CARiN does the rest.
CARiN offers you guidance advice in both an acoustical and visual way. Few
controls and a simple menu structure ensure ease of operation.
In combination with an optional TMC radio CARiN will also provide you with the
actual traffic situation on your route and will guide you around the obstruction
when you like to.
The usage of the navigation system does not exempt the driver from his
responsibilities. Pay attention to the local traffic regulations. Watching the
road is more important than watching the screen!
The guidance advice provided by the navigation system is a suggestion only.
The driver is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle and
therefore evaluate whether it is safe to follow these directions.
If the current traffic situation and the advice of the navigation system are in
contradiction, traffic regulations always have priority over advice given by
the system.
In case you decide not to follow the suggested route, CARiN will
automatically calculate a new route and provide new suggestions
(automatic re-routing function).
We recommend that you change system settings or enter new
destinations only when the car is not moving or let it be done by
your passenger.
During driving always store the remote control in its holder.
The remote control contains batteries. Therefore do not expose to direct
sunlight (high temperatures may discharge the batteries and increase the risk
of leakage).
To avoid faulty operation or interference of the system do not cover the GPS
Stickers on the car windows within the area of the GPS aerial may also
influence the GPS reception.
In some areas it is possible that not all information for a road is covered. For
example prohibitions of entry into pedestrian precincts, the driving direction
of a one-way street or turning prohibitions are not available. In these areas
the navigation system gives a warning. The local traffic regulations always
have priority over the advice given by the navigation system. Always obey
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road signs and traffic regulations.



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