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Guidelines and recommendations
for safe use of the CARiN Navigation System
Glance at the screen only when necessary and safe to do so. If prolonged
viewing of the screen is necessary, pull over in a safe and legal manner.
If your display is mounted to a flexible holder, position the screen so that
glancing at the screen can be performed quickly and easily and reduce glare
and reflections. Pull over in a safe and legal manner before making any
If your display is mounted on a fixed holder, check if your dealer has
mounted it according to the above recommendation.
The display should not be placed in a location which hinders the view of any
critical elements necessary to operate the vehicle properly (i.e. the road, the
mirrors, instruments, vehicles surroundings). In addition the display should
not be placed in a location which may obstruct the airbags should they
In case you need to find an emergency service do not only rely on the
navigation system. It cannot be guaranteed that the CARiN database
contains all available emergency services in your neighbourhood. Use your
own judgment and abilities to ask for directions in such a situation.
The CARiN Navigation System does not take into account the relative safety
of the suggested routes. The suggested routes do not reflect road closures
or construction, weight or height restrictions, traffic or weather conditions,
or any other factors which may affect the safety or timing of the routes. Use
your personal judgment for verification of the suggested routes. Use the
alternative route function or the via point function to get better route
suggestions, or simply drive the preferred route and let the automatic
re-routing function calculate the preferred route.
Please take care that everybody using the CARiN Navigation System has
access to these directions for use and reads the given recommendations and
guidelines carefully before the initial use of the system.
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