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Switching on / off
The system is switched on and off together with the ignition.
The display first shows a safety notification for usage of the system.
Confirm this notification by pressing the ENTER/O.K. key.
The Main Menu appears.
After some seconds the system is initialised and you can select the
navigation functions (options in highlighted letters).
Stand-by mode
If you are disturbed by the brightness of the display screen (for example by night
or in tunnels) you can switch off the display.
Select "Stand-by" in the main menu.
The display is switched off.
If an external loudspeaker is connected to your system (optional), you will
still hear the guidance advice.
Press one of the cursor keys 4, 6, 8, 2, the ENTER/O.K. key or the MENU
key on the remote control to switch on the display again.
If the navigation system was switched off in stand-by mode it restarts in
stand-by mode when switching the ignition on again.
Volume adjustment
Press + or - key on the remote control to adjust the voice volume of the
guidance advice.
You hear "Louder" or "Softer" with the current volume setting.
This volume adjustment influences both the volume level of an external
speaker (if installed) and the volume level of the built-in speaker (in the
display unit).
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