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Additional settings
The display provides different additional settings you can adjust in the Setup
Automatic brightness control on/off ("Bright.Contr.: Auto/Auto off")
Adjustment of the display brightness depending on the mounting position
("Mount.Pos.: high/low").
Built-in loudspeaker on/off ("Loudspeaker: on/off")
Note: If the loudspeaker is switched off, it will automatically be switched on
again, as soon as you adjust the display volume.
Enter/exit setup menu:
Press all three keys on top of the display at the same time.
The setup menu is shown.
Press the MENU key one or more times until the desired setting is activated.
Adjust the desired setting.
Briefly press the MENU key as often as necessary, until you leave the setup
Automatic brightness control
If you set the brightness control ("BrightContr.") to "Auto" the display
brightness is automatically adjusted to the surrounding light conditions
(see "Additional settings").
With the "Brightness" option of the OSD menu you can adjust the maximum and
minimum brightness of the display.
During daylight adjust the maximum brightness ("Brightness Day") of the
display as described above.
During darkness adjust the minimum brightness ("Brightness Night").
The brightness is then adjusted between these two limits depending on the
surrounding light.
If the automatic brightness control is switched off, the display shows
"Brightness Auto OFF" in the OSD menu.
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