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The digital road map
To plan a route to a destination address not only the current car position is
needed by the navigation system but also a digital road map is required where
the destination address itself as well as the roads leading to the destination
address are stored. This digital road map is located on the CARiN map CD you
insert in your navigation computer.
Real road network
Line pattern of the digital map
On the map CD the road network is stored as a line pattern, which means that
even extensive junctions have only one central point that all roads lead to. That's
why the navigation system indicates the distance to the next turn as the distance
to the centre of the junction. Therefore the distance indications for motorway
exits given by the navigation system are different from those on the motorway
signs. The motorway signs refer to the distance to the beginning of the exit.
Areas with limited road attributes
In some areas not all attributes of a road are available on the map CD. For
example information on prohibited turning, one way streets or pedestrian areas
are missing.
If you are entering this kind of area the navigation system will show you a
warning. The local traffic regulations always have priority over the advice given
by the navigation system. Always obey road signs and traffic regulations.
Latest map CDs
Approximately 10-15 % of the traffic network is changing each year. Due to
these constantly changing conditions (newly built roads, traffic restrictions, etc.),
a 100 % correspondence of the digital roadmap with reality cannot be achieved
under all circumstances. We recommend to always use the latest version of the
map CD for navigation.
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